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Ruby Memorial Hospital Complaints & Reviews

Ruby Memorial Hospital - West Virginia, Morgantown / Threatening by Financial Services

Sep 18, 2015

Unfortunately I visited this hospital from its emergency department on 05/02/2015. They actually did nothing about my situation and they only arranged me a bed for one night and I left there at the other day. However, they billed me as if I stayed there like one month and started to send bills with guarantor number H100965824. I am an international graduate student and living with a very low income. After I received their bill (after the deductions from my insurance) they called me and we arranged a payment plan with the minimum available amount. I told my situation clearly and they seemed to...

Ruby Memorial Hospital - West Virginia, Morgantown / Questionable Competency


I would like to share with you the experience I had while giving birth at Ruby Memorial Hospital. I was pregant with my second child and I was 2 days late. My water broke at 8am and I waited a little while for my contractions to be closer together. My husband got me there at about 10:30. I was having pretty frequent contractions then and they told me I was dialated to 5cm. So I wait to be put in the room I was going to deliver in. I was finally moved when it was close to 12. After getting hooked up to monitors and answering some questions for about 20 minutes they decide that I needed pitocin. I...