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Royal Palm Vacations Complaints & Reviews

Royal Palm Vacations - Florida, Clearwater / U S Mail & Wire Fraud


I commented on Don in SC and then realized that I probably should file a complaint myself. I am informed that I have a federal claim against Royal Palm Vacations, also DBN Financial d/b/a Capital Financial. Contact: U.S. Postal Service 1-800-372-8437. Fraud must contain: 1. A false statement of a material fact 2. Knowledge by the defendant that the statement is untrue 3. Intent on the part of the defendant to deceive the alleged victum 4. Justifiable relieance by the alleged victum on the statement 5. Injury to the alleged victum as a result. In other words, Royal Palms Vacations also DBN...

Royal Palm Vacations - South Carolina / They make it so hard to use their service to plan a vacation


Sorry to say I too fell pray to this scam, I have tries to plan 3 trips since I bought this scam 8/19/08. I have contact RPV and cancel my membership to no avail. You get the run around and quote the contract is nonrefundable and non cancel able. Thank God I purchased the lowest plan $4495.00 but only had them charge $2449.00 to my credit card. After talking to them on 11/18/08 The so called free cruise is also a joke. Just try to redeem it. I called my bank since my membership was charged using Visa Debit card and file a dispute of the charge and immediately cancel that card so they could...

Royal Palm Vacations - Nevada, Reno / Travel Club


This company totally misrepresents itself in a presentation given to sign you up for a lifetime travel club. Promising 4-5 star resort vacation week-$550 locked in for life. A plan that is willable to your children. They don't deliver never have resort in area you want. No real discounts you can't get yourself on, expedia, etc. Complimentary cruise is a scam also!!

Royal Palm Vacations - Florida / Ripoff - lies


Anyone wishing to file a complaint on this company should contact the Florida Attorney Generals Office. Thats where I sent mine. If enough people file maybe we can get something back from these crooks. If you got screwed by the Certs travel company that offeres the travel awards you should file against them too. The FL AG web site. or call. On the bottom left there is a link to register your complaint. Economic Crimes Division Office of the Attorney General Tallahassee, Florida 32399 850-414-3823 (Voice) 850-488-4483 (Fax) Subject: Royal Palm

Royal Palm Vacations - Nevada, Reno / Watch out


I totally agree with the other complaint. Asked for a refund and did not get one. Go to google maps and do a street view of their corporate headquarters. 316 California Ave, Reno, NV 89509, USA. Some how the whole company works in a mailbox at The Postal Depot!! I am digging on this one some more.

Royal Palm Vacations / Watch out for this company!


My parents were the unlucky recipients of one of these post cards and without checking the BBB or any other resource, they spent $5, 000 on a membership with Royal Palm Vacations. So many promises and not a single one delivered. My parents have sent in requests for information as instructed and received nothing, you get only voice mail when you call and the one time they called back, I was able to get better flights at a lower cost on Expedia in five minutes. It is a huge scam and these sales people should be ashamed of themselves for praying on older people. I will do whatever it takes to make sure they are out of business. Please WATCH OUT FOR THIS COMPANY!