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Royal Indian Raj Complaints & Reviews

Royal Indian Raj / Cleared of Fraud

Telling the Facts on May 25, 2012

British Columbia Securities Commission dismisses fraud investigation into Royal Indian Raj International Corporation Canadian proprietary township model to proceed in India as result of clearance by the BCSC Vancouver, BC, November 25, 2011 - As of April 2010, the British Columbia Securities Commission (BCSC) has formally closed their investigation into Royal Indian Raj International Corporation (RIRIC). Allegations of fraud and irregular land acquisition processes surrounding RIRIC's township development activities in India were brought against the company in early 2005 by a former...

Royal Indian Raj / Ex Employees posting Internet Liable

royal truth on Apr 19, 2011

Royal Indian Raj International Corporation launches multi-million dollar lawsuit against against former Vice President of Communications, William Zack for print and internet liable. VANCOUVER, Apr. 22 /CNW-AsiaNet/ -- Royal Indian Raj International Corporation (RIRIC) announces today a $100M USD lawsuit for Slander, Liable and Defamation of Character against RIRIC former Vice President of Communications William Zack. The suit was filed in the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York. The RIRIC lawsuit, initiated in May of 2008 in New York, alleges that Mr...

Royal Indian Raj / Fraud Allegations - new lawsuits


Looks like Royal Indian Raj and it's associates (Manoj Benjamin, Ravi Benjamin, Collins Benjamin, Anjula Benjamin, Sherri Vaters, Patrick Hinds - to name a few) are also being sued in Florida. Just another lawsuit to add to growing list of other fraud charges. Note some of the additional business names listed in this suit. Very interesting.

Royal Indian Raj / Tax write-off

Can I do a tax write off for the investment losses I had in Royal Indian Raj corporation? Will it get complicated since the property was in India? Since the investment was made in US dollars and the company is based in Nevada, i think it should be feasible? OR should the invesment be first declared as a ponzi scheme before we can do a tax write-off?

Royal Indian Raj / Royal Indian Raj CEO Manoj Benjamin Caught In Web of Lies

Royal Indian Raj International Corporation ( RIRIC ) Gives Investor Royal Indian Raj Run Around. Read the full story on the Vancouver Sun Website: Royal Indian Raj International Corporation ( RIRIC ) Complaints. View All Complaints Now: Royal Indian Raj International Corporation ( RIRIC ) Appears to be involved in Fraud. Read article. Decide for yourself. Royal Indian...

Royal Indian Raj / RG Villas - helpless situation

I have also invested lot of money in Royal Gardens project for last 2 years with absolutely no returns. Its been more than a year since I have requested the refund but no luck. I have hardly been able to get in touch with them but whenever i did, I had to listen to their ever growing lame excuses. I have talked to many people in their canada office. I am sure there are lot of people in the same boat. Why is it that we are not able to do anything to get our hard earned money back except hope that they refund one day or just wait for them to run away with our money. I feel helpless and...

Royal Indian Raj / RG Villas Developer ( ) Reacts Illogically To Legitimate Inquiries

. Points to Ponder: If you're near the exit of a store and hear the security alarms go off as a customer exits, what is the normal ensuing scene that typically develops? Does the customer: i) Protest loudly and repeatedly to the security officer (and everyone else within earshot) that he had undertaken a legitimate transaction, but not bother to show the security officer his receipt? Or does he simply produce his receipt; the proof of purchase? ii) Run off to his lawyer and launch a multi-million dollar lawsuit against the security officer and possibly the store, without bothering to...

Royal Indian Raj / Royal Indian Raj - RG Villas Developer - Questionable Business Practices

Some of you may have noticed that Royal Indian Raj has changed its IP address. For an update on RIRIC's electronic evidence trail that they've left behind on the India Consumer Complaints Board, please see the following post at:

Royal Indian Raj - California / Fraud and Deception!!

TO ALL RGVILLAS CUSTOMERS, I am customer with Royal India Raj and have invested a lot of money with there rgvillas project which I doubt will ever take of. I bought the property Medina in 2006 when the company was promoting Vijay Amritraj heavily. Being naive I got sucked into buying the property and paid the money in full to avail the 30% discount. Now there is no Amritraj/Nickalaus/Steven Seagal and the company is even banned from Marketing in BC CANADA. Read articles below: I had asked RIRIC to refund my...

Royal Indian Raj / hard evidence against riric by riric - rgvillas developer

Sick of all the hearsay and want proof of how RIRIC conducts its business? Check out the electronic evidence trail RIRIC has left behind over at the India Complaints Board: Sharon Dobson

Royal Indian Raj / BC Commission bans RIRIC marketing

The British Columbia Financial Institutions Commission, citing a variety of violations by Manoj Benjamin and Royal Indian Raj, has ordered the company to stop marketing Royal Garden Villas in British Columbia. Included in its list of violations, FICOM cited RIRIC for taking deposits from customers when "they had neither a building permit for the construction of Royal Garden Villas & Resort nor a satisfactory financing commitment in place." FICOM also cited RIRIC for accepting deposits from customers "without placing those deposits in trust." FICOM said Manoj Benjamin and RIRIC "have used...

Royal Indian Raj / Corporate Statement

Hello to the infamous "anonymous" Mr. Bill Zack. The owner of the website he often boasts in his many anonymous names and fictitious characters he has posted around many blogs through out the web. What he doesn't boast is the fact he is in a legal lawsuit the company Royal Indian Raj for Slander, Defamation along with many other charges. What he doesn’t boast is his first website he posted was hosted in the USA and was ordered to be removed from the web at which time he decided to develop a new site with a new name in an Asian country (Do not want to name the country in an effort to...

Royal Indian Raj - Arizona / fraud

The message from "Ranga" is hilarious because it was clearly written by Manoj Benjamin. No lawsuits on file? There are SIX lawsuits on file against Royal Indian Raj at the Vancouver Law Courts dating from 2002 to 2007. Manoj Benjamin was bankrupt when he incorporated RIRIC in 1999, that's a fact. His father, Collins, fled Canada rather than face lawsuits from angry customers and investors in another failed company, Carriage Lane Fine Homes. All this has been properly verified and documented by Vancouver Sun columnist David Baines. The web site has documented every...

Royal Indian Raj - Arizona / Truth


I certainly was a little upset until I investigated the Bangalore Airport Authority and the status of the BIAPPA Regional Master plan holding up the Royal Garden Project and the release of over 400 other projects in the vicinity. I am also advised of two articles posted by the Times of India in Dec, 2008 announcing the Master Plan approval date mandated by the Supreme Court and the 2ND announcing the notification of the Master Plan in Jan, 2009. Upon which permissions are given at the Royal Garden site. The Delhi Development Master Plan took about 8 years to clear with all the Indian...

Royal Indian Raj - British Columbia, Vancouver / Lies and Deception

I put in an enormous amount of money as a share holder of Royal Indian Raj on the basis of CEO Manoj Benjamin's word that he would get it to the market trading within two years at the most. Well, it has been 8 (eight) years later and the only thing he has truly accomplished is stealing money from more suckers like myself. This man is truly a scam artist personified. He drives fancy cars and lives in a high end home while picking up bills for everyone at the bars. I would highly recommend any one NOT to invest in this crook. It will be a cold day in hell when anyone sees any of their...

Royal Indian Raj - California, Redwood City / FRAUD AND DECPTION

To all rgvillas investors and potential investors ( BEWARE: This company is playing with peoples hard earned money. I had invested with the company in september of 2006 a sum of $147, 820 US dollars. Till date the construction on the project has not begun and the company does not even have the BIAAPA approval it needs for the 17 acres of land it claims to own. Interestingly the land is not owned by the company and is owned by an individual who might not even work for the company. I had asked for a full refund of my money 3 months back and till date I haven't seen any part...

Royal Indian Raj / Permissions Approval is Meaningless


I think everyone realizes by now that THE APPROVAL OF PERMISSIONS IS MEANINGLESS as the real question now is about FRAUD and how to get our MONEY BACK? It appears there are many legal cases ongoing, in process and oncoming so giving any further money would be lost to those legal costs and settlements or redirected otherwise as in the past. I think all agree that anyone crazy enough to provide more money to Royal Indian and the Benjamins would clearly be a complete fool. Nobody could be that brainwashed by Royal Indian Raj and the Benjamins? Providing more money to Royal Indian Raj and the...

Royal Indian Raj / Jack Nicklaus Terminates Agreement


ITS OFFICIAL JACK NICKLAUS TERMINATES ITS AGREEMENT WITH ROYAL INDIAN RAJ! Jack Nicklaus issued a Press Release on NOVEMBER 26th, 2008 and it is now SIX, SIX, yes SIX DAYS LATER (Dec 2nd, 2008) and Royal Indian Raj and the Benjamins HAVE NOT informed Customers or Investors!!! FRAUD AND DECEPTION? Royal Indian Raj HAS NOT even removed Jack Nicklaus's name from their websites (,, inorder to ensure that the Customers and Investors (existing and any potential) are not MISLED!!! FRAUD AND DECEPTION? This is exactly the same thing...

Royal Indian Raj / Fraud and Deception?


We have noticed that on the Royal Garden Villas website ( ) the image of Jack Nicklaus no longer appears on the website endorsing the project. We also noticed on the website that an 18 hole Jack Nicklaus Signature Golf Course is no longer listed as an amenity on the project. We are told that there was no contract for an 18 hole Jack Nicklaus Signature Golf Course on this project as there has never been enough land other than the 17 acres and that Jack Nicklaus has ended any association. However you should confirm this with the Jack Nicklaus Design group. Contacting the...

Royal Indian Raj - Texas, Dallas / Fraud and Deception

They have taken money from me promising construction of villa (RG Villas) in Bangalore within 8 months. That did not happen. I have contacted them in Vancouver, Canada. They are not responding to my calls. I am planning on filing a police report and getting a court order to freeze their assets. ***Investors - Proceed with Caution***