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Rothman And Wise Complaints & Reviews

Rothman And Wise / THey WIll SCAM you!!!

Mar 27, 2011

THey are a coolection agency based out of Houston Texas that contacted me asking if I had any outstanding invoices. I gave them one which my client paid to them within a few days. That was 6 monthes ago. They have not paid me and have stopped returning my phone calls and emails. THis is a scam!! There are numerous complaints online from people all over the country who have been lied to and cheated out of their money. DO NOT TRUST THEM!!! THey will lie and tell you exactly what you want to hear. Especially the owner, Leonard Rothman. He is a snake!!! THIS IS A FRAUDULENT COMPANY!

Rothman And Wise / Terrible company


In mid 2008, we were contacted by a very enthusiastic Rotham and Wise employee, Daniel Saxton, wanting to help us with our business collections. He was very personable and consistent. We needed the 'bull dog' approach with our collections so we hired them. We're talking large bucks >$100K. Rothman and Wise reported collecting funds. After the first check was 'lost in the mail', we were reissued another check in early November (less than 1/5 of the total). At that point they continued collecting and promised that checks were issued on the 15th of each month for the...