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Rosita Sajn Complaints & Reviews

Rosita Sajn / misinformation and infringement of my private life

Jun 20, 2019

The following information on me contains my address at home, it says things about me which are false. Furthermore there is a picture of me which was taken without my consent. The information is completely false and is an attack to my reputation and my professional career. The address stated is my personal home adresse where I live with my daughter and grandchild. This is an infringement of my private life and an defamation.

Rosita Sajn / gypsy/charleton/scammer/

Nov 19, 2015

This gypsy from morocco is advertising black magic spells and voodoo work for thousands of dollars... She is associated with traian cabba and advises her clients to invest thousands of dollars into thier offshore companies. The clients are not aware that they are partners in this scam, I have lost $1 million dollars, they are good at what they do and have a smoke and mirror show to prove they are legitimate, be aware!

Rosita Sajn / alert! fraud! gypsy scam

May 02, 2015

Alert!!! Gypsy scam!!!.. I was referred to this gypsy by a woman in laval after hearing about my divorce. This woman who I met as a medical sales rep at a local bar suggested I go see this rosita to help me get rid of my wife! This gypsy advertises on all the local papers in montréal and laval area. As I walked into her house on st denis, there is a human skull with a black candle in it (twisted), after telling her my problem she suggested a sex ritual with me so she can possess my wifes energy and make her suffer, she then told me this would cost 5 thousand dollars!!! I threw her 100 dollar...

Rosita Sajn / charlatan-theft-conartist

Apr 26, 2015

Rosita sajn is a morrocan gypsy-witch who feeds off innocent people. This gypsy advertises in all the local papers and internet and offers free readings, once you enter her House she quickly starts to tell you that you are cursed and can solve all your problems for 10 thousand dollars! She specializes in seperating married couples and removing custody from mothers so you never have to Pay any alimony, she says her "demon curses" will make her targets go mad and crazy, and cause confusion with People for your benefit. This gypsy is very dangerous... Call authorities if you come in contact with this con - artist