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Roses Ragdolls CO Complaints & Reviews

Roses Ragdolls CO / Unhappy customer

Dec 11, 2016

I agree with the guy that posted the last review. Rose meets you at a pet store and she hands over the cat after letting you see him for about 10 minutes, was in a pretty big hurry to get the meeting done. she's always busy to deal with any questions you might have and can't recall the information that you're asking her for and instead seems frustrated with you asking. I was very thorough in telling her what kind of cat I need. She talked to me about a certain cat and decided to meet me. when I decided that wasn't the right cat after having him home for a couple weeks and seen his personality...

Roses Ragdolls CO - Colorado / selling inbread Cats

Oct 10, 2013

This breeder is cheep for a reason she will not let you see the cattery, she will only meet you at a pet store near her or have meeting at a foster home. Then while on visit she would not let me meet the parents. She stated they where mean and would hiss bite or scratch. ( these are not ragdoll traits) she actually told me she could sell me a discount kitten due to "possible Inbreeding" what is that? how is BREEDING possible? ( a cattery who cant remember who she bread who with) and Inbreed. You should be ashamed of yourself. then you have a spot on your site for your boss- God... inbreeding is not a godly act. gross! YOU NEED TO BE SHUT DOWN.