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ROCK SOLID AUTO CENTER Complaints & Reviews

ROCK SOLID AUTO CENTER - Arizona, Mesa / there crooks


this place first off all has a phony bank called csa..but really they are in house finance in the back of the building is were the wanna be csa works and thats were they call from for your phone interview. all cars are lemons they pay about 2000 at auction and sell to you for 10, 000, , with none nago interest of 24% you end up paying 15, 000 lol. car wont last 2 weeks before you start having issues guaranteed, they say there techs are ase certified...not true none of them are ..probly dont even have green cards lol they super glue and duck tap stuff. if you buy there you well notice your car...

ROCK SOLID AUTO CENTER - Arizona, Mesa / Sell Rip Off cars


This Dealership sold me a car that is for 1. A peice of crap. It has had problems since the day I bought it. They say they fixed it but it still sux. 2. They sold it to me for 2times what it is really worth. I am paying around $10, 000 for it when i looked it up and its only worth $5, 500. 3. When i tried to trade it in for something else because it was having so many problems they gave me attitude and acted like I didnt mean anything, when customers are supposed to be treated with respect. And 4. The guy that sold me the car first off took someone elses deal. I was talking to one dealer at...