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Robert Mallon Complaints & Reviews

Robert Mallon / Norwich Terrier

Feb 06, 2016

Approximiatly 2 1/2 years ago my sister Wendy Pandy bought a male Norwich Terrier from Robert Mallon. When she got the puppy home she was thrilled and fell in love quickly. A few days after the purchase the puppy was playing with her cat and she noticed a hernia. She took the puppy to the vet who deemed the puppy "unfit for sale". She tried to contact Robert and had a hard time getting him to return the call. When he finally got back to her he made it very hard for her to get a good date to return the puppy. She asked to meet part way, it was a 3 hour drive each way, and he refused. He told...

Robert Mallon - New York, North Babylon / Norwich terrier

Jul 14, 2014

My sister purchased a male Norwich Terrier from Robert Mallonn with full AKC reg. Robert knew he was going to be used for breeding. When she got home she let the puppy play with a cat and they had a good time. She took Milo to a vet within a week and found a small hernia. The vet filled out a "not fit for sale" certificate and Wendy called Robert about returning the puppy. Robert was almost impossible to get in touch with via e-mail or by phone and only when Robert was tired of the phone ringing and all the e-mails he contacted her and said the cat caused the hernia lol. He made it very hard...