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RL Daly Attorneys Complaints & Reviews

RL Daly Attorneys / unknown account

Aug 15, 2018

I am constantly getting SMS's and calls from the RL Daly call centre regarding an unknown Edgars account for an amount of R 3 900. I had an Edgars account which was closed and the card cut and return to Edgars in 2014. I have an email from Edgars confirming this. The SMS received states the ff : Your overdue EDGARS acc has been handed over to RL Daly Attorneys. Call us on [protected] to Settle your balance OR to set up a debit order. Ref: 9445278. The last call I received was this morning (15th Aug 2018). I explained to the caller, (thank God this one understood english) once again of the...

RL Daly Attorneys / Collections

Aug 02, 2016

Good day, I had an arrangement with RL Daly to pay my Woolworths account with you. I made an agreement to settle the balance of 1300.00. 100.00 as a first payment and then 2 payment of 600.00. I kept to my side of the agreement and paid the full amount. The latest payment was done of 27 July 2016. I am concerned – I logged onto your website, where I could check my balance and to my surprise an additional 128.00 was now added again to my balance. Furthermore to this, when I phoned in to Your call center, after questioning the now outstanding amount again, mysteriously, the ‘Telecomms’ went...

RL Daly Attorneys / Has been harassing me

Oct 08, 2015

RL DALY ATTORNEYS has been harassing me with calls all the time even between seconds of the previous agents call another agent phones me. i have been paying on a monthly basis and the account stays the same the balance is still high. and they most likely billing me for the unnecessary calls which needs to stop! i know i have an obligation to pay why call me a million times asking me if im making the payment and when i already made the payment they still call me!!!

RL Daly Attorneys / Deceptive tactics

Apr 27, 2012

Remember !!! 4 things 1) Never pay even 1c. 2) Never admit to owing even 1c. 3) Never agree to paying even 1c. 4) Never sign anything. Your contract was with the original credit provider. Not with these SHARKS who have purchased your debt form the original credit provider, who has written you off as a bad debt, for a nominal amount . Between 10 to 20 % of the amount owing. The SHARKS then add exorbitant collection and legal charges and try and intimidate you into agreeing to pay a small monthly fee and signing an acknowledge of debt. As soon as sign and pay you legally owe then that debt. The...