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Riviera Pools Complaints & Reviews

Riviera Pools - Arizona, Buckeye / Bad Pool Parts


I had a pool installed by Riviera Pools last August. The pool was complete other than missing my $1500 salt system. Now I am having a problem with my pop up system, I called the company who makes it in hopes of getting my warranty upheld through them, no luck. Apparently the owner of Riviera created his own knock off parts and sold them to the consumers as other products in an effort to save himself money. So, of course these parts are not covered. We tried to use a reputable builder so we could feel confident in our VERY expensive purchase, only to have this.

Riviera Pools - Arizona, Avondale / Pool manufacturing


I have had my pool for 2 years and my pop-ups and salt systems doesn't work and now I am going to have to contact a contractor to fix or replace these items and it is going to cost me an estimate of $ 1, 500.00 to get my pool up and running. I had completly paid my balance with them. I would like a full refund for what I am going to have to pay to get my pool fixed. Thank you Regina Melchor 806 S 117th Drive Avondale AZ 85323