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Feb 6, 2013

My story with [redacted] [redacted] is for consumers to report bad businesses.A report was made about me.It calls me w**** drug addict child abuser. The report has my name, my child's name, her photo(under 18), phone numbers, our home address in NY which we had move from for safety. Cps was called They told me it was not my fault that I was a good mom but I needed to call the police because they had endangered the welfare of a child by the info that was put on [redacted].The police told me that there was nothing they could do where all the people involved lived in different states it was a fbi... - Arizona, Tempe / Abuse

Dec 31, 2012

A Public Warning! Ed Magedson of [redacted] is a wanted criminal just type in his name and read about all his arrest records and criminal activities! Also the authors Tagurit, Stacey, Jeanisky, Jessica White, Jennifer, Joe, Lorenzen, Gail, David S. Gingras, his ### lawyers are all criminals. Do not write anything on that site and lock up all of your information. They are identity thieves and extortionist and very abusive. They will slander you for no reason and will make a liar out of you even if you tell the truth. They will threaten your school to make you quit and will aggressively enforce... - Arizona, Tempe / Scam Website Full of Lies

Nov 10, 2012

Amazing that this site gets legitimacy from search engines. In my opinion, this website and this business are beneath contempt. No fact checking, no responsibility, hide behind the Communications Decency Act, con people into making false reports to defame businesses then to have the gall to extort money from the companies to "clean up" their reputation. The only thing this website is about is making as money as possible for ed "the felon" magedson. Believe me he has absolutely no interest in you, your complaints or in protecting consumers. Its all about making ed money. People, you need to... - Arizona, Tempe / Slanderous Company!

Oct 13, 2012

A PUBLIC WARNIG!!! The website and the company /link removed/ is a very dangerous company made by a criminal by the name of ED MAGEDSON. He is a wanted federal felon for abusing people, steeling their informations and slandering them all over the internet for no reason. The authors on that site are very abusive too. These are the authors that write for the website /link removed/ that are very abusive; Tagurit, Jeaniskie, Stacey, Mariendude, Robert-Irving-USA, Steve, Lorenzen, Joe, Gail, amongst many others that write on the website are very rude, abusive, slanderous, and the website owner Ed... - Ontario / extortion

Sep 23, 2012

XCENTRIC VENTURES LLC aka [redacted].com is harboring an online terrorist who has slandered against my name and website back in april 2012. I emailed XCENTRIC VENTURES LLC and requested a removal of the slander and i received an email asking me to pay $5000+ to review my case... their is nothing to review, an anonymous coward has posted false allegations against my family name and website with no evidence or proof. I do not practice in any criminal activities and this ### ED who owns XCENTRIC VENTURES LLC wants to charge me $5000+ for a defamation case Since when is extortion allowed for... - Arizona / [redacted].com

Aug 30, 2012

Recently I posted a factual expose' of Ed Magdeson on his own site, /link removed/ but it never showed up. So that means Ed Magdeson will not remove anyone else's made up slander/report but he always removes his own. Ed Magdeson is a ruthless hypocrite. So, when victims contact Ed, Ed Magdeson says to those who have been slandered on his site that they will want more [redacted]s about themselves on his site once they enter his corporate advocacy program. WHY O WHY then does Ed not believe that enough to let reports about himself on his site????? What a deceitful hypocrite!!! Ed is saying... / Almost entirely populated by trolls

Mar 27, 2012

Almost entirely populated by trolls. Used by companies to abs each other, not a shred of genuine evidence left on this once proud site. One to avoid. - Colorado, Lafayette / refusal to remove retracted libelous post

Feb 29, 2012

This person Ed Magdeson is destroying my livelihood because he refuses to remove a libelous post that was retracted by the original poster, who I have since made peace with. Ed says posts are not removed no matter what, no matter how unjustly damaging they are. He is able to do it, but he chooses to harm my livelihood for the rest of my working life because I have a very rare last name, and a search of me on Google comes up with this libelous posting on me, the headline of which is enough to damage me and is what shows up on Google. I have pleaded with Ed and his attorney for years. He will... - Arizona / [redacted].com is involved in Extortion

Jul 24, 2011

After entering a report on a company on [redacted] the thieves have been coming out of the woodwork. Offers to clear our name for thousands of dollars and our information that was stated would not be shared was made public. After researching the company they have been involved in RICO lawsuit and some very questionable behavior. They present themselves as being impartial, yet they are a mass of low-life con artists that are involved in extorting money ($2000 fee to review the data and even when proven false they will not remove the false data and continue to percent it as fact). They obviously are creating a problem so they can make money solving the "problem". They are unethical thieves. - Ontario, London / Slander


Regarding representation made toward Cambridge Who's Who, it's staff, and it's clientele: They do publish people's profiles, they do list your name and give you access to others like LinkedIn, they do give you an email account, they do give you use of the logo. They don't present anything you haven't told them, they don't charge for something they haven't told you about, they don't make claims you are worthy of anything but a prescreened interview that gives there editors info to use in your profile promotion. The fact some who were approached with... - Arizona, Tempe / [redacted].com Owner Turns Out To Be A Criminal/Liar


[redacted].com Owner Turns Out To Be A Criminal and a Liar While many consumers have turned to /link removed/ to get unbiased facts about different companies or businesses, they have gotten just the opposite. The /link removed/ site has for years claimed to be an unbiased site that is designed to protect consumers from fraudulent scams or bad business practices, but the consumer will be Shocked to learn that that site has been the mother of all scams all along. The Owner of [redacted].com, Ed Magedson, has for some time managed a one man show (although a few others have assisted to make hi... - Arizona, Tempe / LETTER FOR EXTORTION DEMAND FROM [redacted].COM


My company was made an offer to remove a false post by my next door neighbor that I am a child molester. I am a doctor, of 65 years old, and would never think of or accused of such a thing. Not even a call from the police. Just bad looks from people that I have known for years. For $25, 000 [redacted].com said that they would remove the post. This man is a monster ruining peoples reputations by not removing posts that are simply not true. - Arizona, Tempe / [redacted] Founder Says Threats Are Escalating


[redacted] Founder Says Threats Are Escalating Businesses were severely hurt by false, and often retaliatory, complaints published on the site. We also heard all sorts of theories about how the business operates -- plenty of people suspect Magedson writes the complaints himself in an effort to extort money from businesses; a few people raved about his Corporate Advocacy Program (in which Magedson "investigates" and resolves complaints for a fee); and one tipster told us that Magedson is keeping his servers off shore for unknown/suspicious reasons. Lots of people also believe that Google...