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Riddex Complaints & Reviews

Riddex / Refuses to stand behind product

May 29, 2011

Last year I purchased the Riddex plus pest control. I watched the commericals and thought it might be something to help me control roaches without compromising my breathing problem. Here in Florida we can even buy them at the local CVS Drugstore. Well, I plugged it in and waited for a month for it to take care of the problem. No such luck. The bugs would crawl all over the unit. I contacted the company, and spoke to "Autumn", who assured me that Corporate would contact me in the next few days. I am still waiting for that call after several months. I wrote to them demanding a contact call and...

Riddex / Don't waste your money!

Mar 22, 2011

As an exterminator for over 20 years, I am telling you that Riddex is a scam. I found roaches living in those things! If you need to get rid of roaches, a light dusting with Boric acid and baiting with gels now sold at most stores and sticky glue boards will be alot more effective.Boric acid is the safest product out there. You don't have to flood the area, but just give it a light treatment, and place your glue traps under the sinks. Roaches like areas of moisture such as kitchens and bathrooms. If you have mice, the best thing to use are snap traps and glue boards/traps. I never used...

Riddex / Fraud


I bought Riddex for a tenant to use for roaches. Not only did it not work, but she got a picture of two roaches sitting on top of the Riddex plug-in. Plus their guarantee is not true. I tried in vain to find a phone number or some way to contact them. I returned the units certified mail, requested the refund they guaranteed, and have proof that they received it back in a timely fashion. To no avail. I then found the corporate address and sent a letter requesting a refund. That did not work either. They refused to respond to ANYTHING, except taking your money. I would be happy to email you the photo.

Riddex / This product attracted roaches !


Really ! First I got ripped off by the $17.95 shipping. I let it go thinking that if it worked, it was worth it anyway. It did not work at all. It actually attracted roaches. It so attracted roaches that they were living on it, and nesting behind it, including trying to nest in the plug itself. We're going to have to shut down the fuse for the kitchen so that we can clean the roach goo from the plug. OH BTW, a mouse liked it so much that it ate through the wall to get in. Awful product! It's a scam.

Riddex - New York, Riverhead / undelivered products/no response


Advertise fast delivery. Ordered 2 Riddex on June 21, 2009. Withdrawal for the items took place on June 23, 2009. Called to get a tracking # on July 1. It hadn't been sent yet. They claimed there was a problem with their website. Problem obviously hasn't affected withdrawing funds. Called them again today July 3, only get a recording stating that customer service is busy and to go to their website. I don't advise anyone to be taken by their advertising of faster delivery than other sites. I emailed them twice and got no response. My next step is to contact the Better Business Bureau and the Attorney General. Mary Ann St. Marie

Riddex - Texas, Carrollton / Shipping Scam


My husband needed three units, so he order two and supposidly was getting two free. It states that it is buy one and get one free for $29.95 plus the $8.95 shipping and handling. Big Letters above it buy one get one Free. Then down underneith in red it says And today as part of our TV offer, your entitled to receive a second bonus Ridex Plus for Free! Just pay the $8.95 to cover the shipping and handling. IT DOESN'T SAY PAY AN ADDITIONAL $8.95 PER UNIT. SO IT IS A SHIPPING RIP OFF SCAM. WHEN YOU GET THE INVOICE (BECAUSE NONE SHOWS UP WHEN YOU ORDER IT ON LINE AFTER PAYING), YOU ARE...

Riddex - Texas, Dallas / Stole my money!


I went to the Riddex site to look into purchasing after viewing a tv ad. After seeing that it was not as asdvertised we backed out of the site and NEVER CONFIRMED AN ORDER. A couple days later...a debit for RIddex shows up in my account. I call them to resolve respectfully and they tell me (Ivan ID#TRCCS55 if thats real, and Ariana) that they have no upper management for me to speak with and that I would not be able to receive a refund for at least 30 days. So basically they obtained my money through unauthorized charges, and are now telling me wait to receive it. What kind of business practice is this? I will do all that I must to fix this situation and the poor business practices that they excercise!

Riddex / Unauthorized charges


Riddix has the worst service ever! They charged my account twice and i never got my money back. so a word to the wise; DON'T USE UR CREDIT CARD! In addition to that, the product is no good. It made the pest WORST! or very angry. Now they have a mind of their own, so thanks Riddix, for absolutely nothing! What a waste of money I'm telling you. My daughter could kill bugs better. I have never had so unfriendly service in my life so the real question is did any of the people on the Riddex team finish highschool? Probably not.

Riddex / Fraud and scam


Not only does the product not work, the shipping charges are HIGH ($17.90 for the two small boxes). Tried using Riddex in garages after Hurricane Ike. Anything that ran in for shelter was not bothered by this product. I think the roaches prefer it to the good old fashioned roach spray. Maybe it's an aphrodisiac for them. I am currently, I'm in the process of returning the product. It appears I will need lots of luck from what I've read on this site. Do not believe the hype you hear and read in their advertisements. It is pure B.S.

Riddex / Scam


I wanted something to get rid of my mouse and roach problem, I saw an ad for Riddex Plus on TV and decide to google it first, am I glad I did, after seeing this site and all the negative reviews I will not purchase this device, after being ripped by buying other products I always search for reviews to see if I should but it or not. I think people in general are smarter and being more aware of TV ads, and knowing that you can't believe everything you see on a commercial. Thanks for saving me the time and money.

Riddex / Don't buy


I have been using Riddex for a few months. I thought the problem would end but instead it got WORSE. I live on the top floor of my building and ever since I got the Riddex, I see an increasing number of rodents in my apt. The product doesn't work, it was a waste of money. Only thing I got out of it was a nightlight and a house full of mouse and roaches. Thanks for nothing Riddex. Your company is a scam! If there was a more effective way of letting consumers not to spend their money I would.

Riddex / It does not work at all


Have used this product 4 years now and NEVER has it done a thing 2 control bugs. Honestly, actually it’s worse!! These things simply don't work and I WILL be making a small web page stating this, Its false advertising. It has not been tested, just assumed. Just because I am using older digital bug zappers does not mean the newer ones work. They do not work. I will also file with the better business bureau, consumer protection agency and local/state attorney general's office.