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Resveratrol Ultra Complaints & Reviews

Resveratrol Ultra / Fraud


My husband and I had seen a recommendation for this supplement on Oprah, so we looked it up on the net. It has a very professional looking website, complete with a picture of Dr. Oz and also a 60 Minutes piece featuring Barbara Walters. We both signed up for the 99 cent trial offer, which we were told we would receive in three days; we then would receive a new bottle of supplement once a month which would be billed to our card unless we cancelled. We didn't receive the initial "free" trial for three weeks, and by that time had been billed twice more, for 87.10. When I tried to cancel, I...

Resveratrol Ultra - Texas, Center Point / Charging my credit card without permission

I ordered Resveratrol Ultra from a company in Hollywood, Fl 33020 They gave me a date to cancel any further orders and I did so. Today they sent more of the "Free Trial" order and charged my account without permission. I called the number listed on their brochure, 866-992-6556 and was on hold for one hour and never spoke to any representative. Their recorded message directed me to, where I could live chat with a representation, so I went to online, only to find that there was no Resveratrol rep. or web page for Resveratrol. The bottle of pills was delivered to my home...

Resveratrol Ultra - Florida / Unable to cancel order, cant get in touch with company by phone or email


Do not order from this company. They are a scam. There is no way to reach them once you have placed an order. I've emailed them, once right after placing the order to cancel, the second time the next day and never got a response. They just ignore your email, and they have a phone number thats just a recording and circles back never reaching a live person. They deduct money automatically from you charge card, or checking account. I had to finally cancel my current debit card so they stop charging it. Please look at other sites, which are numerous, of people who have been scammed by this company.



WARNING THERE IS MORE!!! CREDIT CARD NUMBER COMPROMISED. I want to warn everyone about what this company does with your credit card number. Several months ago I had my credit card block this company. For the following two months they charged my account 3 charges each month that equaled the $87.00 and used a different company name. Then I found out that all kinds of sites and companies that I'd never heard of began charging my credit card small charges like $8.00 and $1.00. BE CAREFUL as they may be selling your credit card number. Get in touch with your credit card fraud department. Also...

Resveratrol Ultra - Florida, Hollywood / Charge credit card automatically

The company offers a free trial if you pay shipping of 99 cents. No where on their main webpage does it say that if you don't cancel in 10 days you will be charged $87.13 for the bottle they sent you. Granted, it does say this in their terms and conditions, but you have to click on a tiny link at the bottom of the page in order to read it. These terms should be stated clearly on the ordering page. I guess what they are doing is legal, but isn't ethical. It is misleading to offer a bottle of their product for 99 cents, but not tell you up front you will be charged the full amount if you do not cancel in 10 days.

Resveratrol Ultra - Florida, Hollywood / Was charged for a 2 bottle free trial

Dr Oz who appears on Oprah, and who I respect, endorses Resveratrol Ultra. That's the only reason I ordered the free two bottle trial. The first bottle came (I had agreed to pay the few dollars for shipping) free, but the second one I was charged $83.18 for. Then there were two unsolicited amounts on my charge card for Top Body Cleanse for $40.00 each (one was refunded for some reason), which I have never heard of, nor did I order, nor receive anything, but assume it must be connected to the Resveratrol debacle as it appeared on my credit card a week or so after my Resveratrol...

Resveratrol Ultra / Unable to contact them to cancel


Received free trial at a cost of .99, tried 3 times to call (different numbers) never got through to anyone. Tried to email twice to email address (found under the terms section) it came back delivery failure. When you call the toll free number, it tells you can cancel at but when you get to that website, it keeps coming up error on page no matter what you try to do. (I never have this problem) Needless to say I was getting a little nervous about the company. I tried to find an address on the internet and regular phone and couldn't. So what I did was call my credit...

Resveratrol Ultra - Florida, Hollywood / Rip Off

As to my suprise and others on this complaint list...I received a charge on my account for 87.13. When I call the company they said it is spelled out in fine print, that if you don't cancel after 15 days you will start to get billed. When you sign up they make it like you only have precious minutes to get the trial for only $3.95 shipping... Total Ripoff... Ripped off in Prairie Village, KS

Resveratrol Ultra - Florida, Hollywood / Free Trial SCam


I tried the free trial for less than $5.00 and nowhere in their order information did they say that they would send more product and bill me additional charges! It was next to impossible to talk to anyone. I stayed on the phone for hours trying to get this settled and they would not take off the charges. This is at terrible scam and they should be put out of business. buyer beware!!!

Resveratrol Ultra - California, Fresno / misleading/fraud

Under the disguise of a free 30 day trial offer, I ordered the advanced natural cleansing formula. Noticing an erroneous charge in my bank account, I tried to contact the company, referenced in the charge, 866-646-1003. The line was busy. After searching other web postings I found a number where I was able to cancel my order. For your reference the number is 866-870-0692. They tried to argue with me about reversing the initial charge saying I had failed to cancel the order within the given time frame. I ordered the free trial offer on May 11.; I did not receive the product until May 16th. I...

Resveratrol Ultra / refusal to reverse credit card charge

Do not order from this company!! Repeat do not deal with these people!! Placed order for free-trial of resveratrol ultra on april 12 Received order april 17 - on arpil 30 spoke with foie to register dissatisfaction with the product and requested reversal of credit card charge of $87.83. May 1 spoke with frank requesting address to return product and he stated it was not longer necessary to send the product back but I was to call back in 3 days. Gave me confirmation #736-879 May 6 spoke wih joan edwards and she refuses to reverse the charges because the product wasn't returned within 15...

Resveratrol Ultra - California / Free Trial of Resveratrol Ultra is a Scam


I placed my free trial order for Reversatrol Ultra on 4/3/09. Website said that estimated delivery on 4/7/09. I did not receive my product until the 4/20/09. On 4/18, I was charged $88 for the next 30 day supply and when I called to cancel my subscription on 4/22 and to request a refund for the $88, I was told I exceeded my 14 day trial period. I was also told that according to the Reversatrol website, I was to call to extend my 14-day trial period if I had not received my product within that time period. After I got off the phone, I went back to the free-trial website. No such...

Resveratrol Ultra - Florida, North Miami Beach / Cancellation Policy


I placed an order on 4/17/09 at approximately 10:00 for the Resveraltrol Ultra. I decided to cancel this product so I called the customer service number-(866-949-0138) and talked to Sarah at 11:00. She informed me that she couldn't cancel this order-even though it had only been placed 1 hour before. She said that I would have to receive the order, refuse it, then send it back to the company. I then asked to speak to a manager(Jane) who gave me pretty much the same story, with the exception that this was their "policy" not to cancel an order even if someone tried to cancel within 5 minute...