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Restored 316 Designs Complaints & Reviews

Restored 316 Designs / The owner changed the price and asked to pay additional sum for the design

Oct 23, 2015

I was misled by Restored 316 Designs Lauren Gaige. The owner provided a broad range of their designs and the prices varied. I agreed to one of her options and have paid the full sum in advance. But she didn’t send me any confirmation or details. When the design was finished, she asked me to pay additional sum. I asked for what and she sent me the whole list. I was surprised and checked the price on the website, and it was completely different from what I saw before.

Restored 316 Designs - Colorado, Austin / Copyright Infringement

Jul 23, 2015

Lauren Gaige Taggart (Austin, Texas) of Restored 316 Designs · My Restored Life · House of Design Blog is a hypocrite and a liar. She's also a scam artist and a thief. Lauren likes to call other designers unoriginal and accuses them of stealing her themes, yet all of her templates are stolen from talented designers, including Viva la Violette, BluChic and Pretty Darn Cute Designs. Exhibit A: Viva la Violette's "Shimmer" theme vs. Restored 316 Designs "Sprinkle" Theme Exhibit B: Lovely Confetti's "Katharine" theme vs Restored 316 Designs "Lovely" and "Amplify"...

Restored 316 Designs - Colorado, Austin / Scam

Jun 16, 2015

Lauren Gaige of Restored 316 Designs has a long history of attacking other people who make genesis child themes because she's not very talented and is evidently quite jealous of people with more talent than her. Lauren likes to try and kill off the competition because she's not smart enough to get a real job. Lauren created ALL of her themes by using the genesis theme as a base. What does that mean? That means ALL of Lauren's themes are stolen, a direct rip of the genesis theme so to speak. MANY designers have done this and it's fine because the genesis theme is filed under...