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Resorts For Heroes Complaints & Reviews

Resorts For Heroes / Scammers

Jun 25, 2013

A man who goes by the name of Mr. Anderson tells me that he can take up to 10 of my bonus weeks at my timeshare and resell each week for up to $1100 or more. That means I could potentially receive a check for $11, 000 or more! However, the process requires an activation fee of $149.00 per bonus week - that's a discount from the regular fee of $259.00! Potential benefit to scammers = $1, 490.00 I called my timeshare company and they stated that they know of no such program. He asserts that he represents "Resorts for Heroes". The phone number is 855.767.2527, the area code denotes it is a...

Resorts For Heroes / Everything he said is a lie.

Jun 11, 2013

I got a phone call from a man from Resorts For Heroes wanting me to sell him my timeshare weeks at a hotel. I pay $300.00 per week now and he will buy them from me for $1250.00 after they receive my payment. I called my resort package retailer and found out he is a scammer, trying to steal money from me. Everything he said is a lie.