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Reiman Publications Complaints & Reviews

Reiman Publications - Manitoba, Winnipeg / Unable to contact

Oct 5, 2012

Last year I asked Reiman not to send any more expensive annualXmas books when I sent my cheque. I kept getting bills from them and from Canada you cannot contact them easily, not by phone and not by email. It took months to resolve this and they were rude about "cancelling my account, " In spite of my request I got another book this year. Silly me, I decided to just pay for it and ask them again not to send any more. I sent a cheque in their pre-printed return envelope, and this morning it came back marked "Moved/unknown." Here we go again!

Reiman Publications / I paid keep getting billed no magazine

Jun 21, 2011

I sent a check for taste of home magazine, I got no magazine and get constant billing from Rieman Publishing. I wrote letter and called their 800-344-2560 number to no avail!. I spoke to their foreign speaking service people and found it hard to understand and then was told that we would receive our magazine, now we just got another bill sent to my wife June Greene dated 02/18/11 invoice number 1000 for 2011 taste of home annual.. Now your bill says we need to hear from you despite the reminders we sent you, the above balance is still ovedue and the grace period on your account has ended?...

Reiman Publications / Billed For Magazine Not Ordered

Jun 16, 2011

Me and my wife are each billed separately for a magazine that neither of us have ordered. Do not ever bill us again. My next complaint will be to the State Attorney General's Office?. The 2 account numbers are 07 5461 5680 and 07 5462 0904".The name of the publication is Taste Of Home;. I have heard that there are many, many complaints about this company, . I will never orde anything that is published by this company".I will not pay one cent no matter how many times I am billed|.Never, Never again will I be taken in by this company'.

Reiman Publications - Pennsylvania / 30 Day Preview of Betty Crocker Cook Book

May 28, 2011

I got the Best of Betty Crocker Cookbook offer for a free 30 day examination and could return it if I did not want it. It took a couple months before it came and then it came a bill for the first installment was included. Before the 30 days were up I received another bill for two payments due before May 28 2011. There is no way that I had the book for 30 days to decided if I wanted it or not before they started billing. I bought the book but will never accept another offer from this company for a 30 day preview. I am also contacting the company with this complaint.

Reiman Publications / Beware


Backyard Living Magazine is such an informative, exceptional magazine. Replacing it with Birds & Blooms just doesn't make it, it cannot compare to the Backyard Living Magazine at all! Bring it back, bring it back! Birds & Blooms concentrates on birds too extensively, I am sure readers would appreciate more gardening solutions and helpful backyard solutions. I have saved many articles from the Backyard Living Magazines which I intend to use in the future. The Birds and Blooms Magazine does not contain any articles which help the average person who is looking for hints on being a better gardener. Why eliminate a good thing!

Reiman Publications - Kentucky, Bowling Green / Keeps billing me for book I paid for


On April 10, 2010 I received the 2010 Annual Receipe book from Reiman Publications. I sent them check #5077 May 30, 2010. in the amount of $10.00, which was the price of the book. I keep getting billed for this book that I have paid for. I am not longer responding to this as I am wasting postage doing so. The company is Reiman Publications, P.O. Box 4002872, Des Moines, IA 50340-2872. Another complaint is I keep getting billed for renewing my subscription for Taste of Home Magazine, which I did not renew. This billing is coming from Reiman Publications Subscription Fulfillment Center, P.O. Bxo...

Reiman Publications / Don't do any contests from Country Magazine


My Mother did an online contest of finding the needle in country magazine and her info was accessed (perhaps sold by country magazine) by another bunch on scammers saying that she was the 1 millionth person to find the needle and blah blah blah, and then tried to get more info from her and tried to sell her more junk magazines. When I called the customer service I talked to someone in Asia that could not help me... I find this whole situation quite unsettling for a supposedly good magazine to be doing. There are too many scam artists out there to trick older folks out of their money. We will cancel our subscription!

Reiman Publications - Iowa, Harlan / snt me a magazine and a bil tha I did not subscribeto


I received a magazine with a bill attached. I never requested a subscription to the magazine. I attempted to reach the company by telephone, no one was available. The bill did not contain an e-mail address, therefore, i could not e-mail the company to discuss this matter. I amt not interested in the magazine and I would never have ordered it. Something like this could very easily mess up my credit. Would you please look in to this.

Reiman Publications / Phone harrassment


Reiman publications continues to call my home. We changed the home number, but they found out my name in the phone book, I think, and continue to call my new number. I have never purchased a product from them and have no idea how they got my number. I frequently call them back with my Google voice number and do not speak... just to clogs up their lines. So far, nothing I have done seems to help. I'm no sure how they find me, but they do. I will report them to the Better Business Burrow from Wisconsin, their home base.

Reiman Publications / Bad customer service


Found an $80.00 charge on my account. When I called the number listed, it said "Welcome to Reiman Publishers." After about 5 minutes, with a machine that did not understand, was connected with someone in the far east. Tried to explain I had not order any biz kit and did not know why I was being charged. Finally connected to someone in the US who told me it was not Reiman Publications, and they had not charged me anything. Had ordered Taste of Home magazine. The next day, after paying bill, I got the $80 charge. Was told my US representative they had not charged me, then was disconnected. If this is how they treat customers, I will not be renewing my subscription nor, will I ever get one again from them.

Reiman Publications / poor customer service


Dealing with this company has been a nightmare to say the least. I ordered a subscription as a gift for xmas 08. I ordered it around the end of Nov 08 and am still dealing with it today 2 months later. First, I used a susbscription card from the magazine- it was one price. Then when I called - It was another price. Then later when I got a thank you for your subscription card in the mail it was another price. When I phoned I was given yet another price. After 4 different prices... I demanded to know the total. They admitted their error and gave me the cheapest price. Then...The real problem...

Reiman Publications / Awful company


I continue to receive a billing from Reiman Publications indicating I still owe for a gift subscription for which I have already paid. If I did not keep my records and mark them paid, I would be sending them another check since there is no mailed confirmation for their having received it. I called their billing department, (a number nowhere to be found on their statements 1-800-344-6913) and was told their billing process is to send a repeat request for 3 months... What a way to do business, and there is no indication the procedure will change. However, the person from the Customer Department apologized for the inconvenience since this is the 2nd time I have had to call about my subscriptions.