Ray Goldberg Complaints & Reviews

Ray Goldberg / Tire Recycling Plants


I have read all the emails and posts regarding Ray Goldberg and Recycling Planet and Dayton Tire Recycling., Rubbersolutions and Tyre Recycling Manufacturing. I to was in the throws of purchasing a tire recycling plant from ray when I saw the same posts as everyone else. I naturally questioned ray about what have transpired and did a lot of research as to what actually happened, what was the truth and what was lies. There seem to be an enormous amount of vindictive lies about what transpired. Sure there were some problems however, the people who were the cause of most of the problems failt to...

Ray Goldberg - Ohio, Troy / Fraudulent sales


I "invested" in Goldberg's fraudulent investments in 2000. He simply will take advantage whenever and wherever possible. Ray is an Australian citizen who came to the states when I encountered him at the turn of the century. He's now moved to Europe to continue his "profession". Goldberg learned his trade from his father, who was in the rubber business. He "makes a living" with his charisma and will go to great lengths to put up a pretense of authenticity. Unless you've thousands of dollars to toss in the breeze, do NOT invest in anything this man has to "sell". He has ruthlessly...



Ray Goldberg, from South Africa and a australian citizen, through many different companies is defrauding all over the world, selling tire recycling plants that never are installed or if any luck, are shipped incomplete and do not ever work at all. Please never do any business with this guy