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Rave Hairspray Complaints & Reviews

Rave Hairspray / A big mistake!


They did it again. Why did suave change the rave formula again. I to, like many, have been using rave4 for many many years. I have recommended rave to many when i get a compliment on my hair. This is nuts, they tried this already. It didn't work. It sprays all over and it doesn't hold. My hair. My hair is thick and straight, with the old rave curls would last all day and my hair was never sticky or stiff.. I hate getting hairspray, nothing else works like the old rave, not even the expensive stuff. Their other line, suave, forget it. Thats a waste of money and time to even try it...

Rave Hairspray / Disaster for someone with naturally curly hair


I have been a consumer of Rave hairspray also since as long as I can remember. A few years ago, they changed it (with a bigger nozzle) and too much comes out and makes your hair too wet. This is disaster for someone with naturally curly hair who blows it out straight. Then you spray the new Rave on it and it goes curly again....not good. I sent a complaint then and to my surprise, they changed back to the old BETTER version. They emailed me saying that they were returning to the old because of all of the complaints they were getting. Then much to my horror, a few months ago I went to purchase...