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Oct 13, 2013

This is a website that is supposed to help horseplayers in their searches but instead of that they are just baiting their customers to pay for the access to full website even though they will get nothing out of it. Same story happened to me, I paid $40 subscription price and discovered that I was getting nothing extra for my money. When I asked for refund it was a deadend because nobody even responded to me. / They are just not worth the hassle

Dec 01, 2011

I had used this site before and like their reports and analysis. However, the total lack of customer service makes them not worth it. I needed the reports for two days. The shortest subscription allowed is one month for $27.95. I signed up, they took the money, they promised instant access. Then nothing. No username, no password, just a receipt that I paid. I e-mailed at least 5 times and no response (the e-mail is the only contact link available). Needless to say, by the time I straighten any of this out, it will be too late. I'd recommend not doing business with this group. They are just not worth the hassle. / This one is a total rip off

Jul 07, 2011

Avoid this site like the plague. They will take your money and never respond with the access they promise. I finally filed a complaint with paypal after getting no response from several emails, then they provided a user name and password that stopped working after I dropped the complaint and they got my money. This one is a total rip off!