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Many account on the website are fake, contradicting info, such as "Doctor" as a profession, but education is "less than high school". Most of the pretty ones in the site are fake. I think they get photos of girls and create an account, just to hook people to pay for services. Many account have pictures of a known actresses, Singers, or Models. I liked someone and I paid just to contact her, I was checking her account almost everyday, to my surprise the "daily activity was 2 months back in time" and the photo was changed. I tried another who had one month of inactivity but, the inactivity... - Quebec / payment and customer service


as mentioned by another member - they automatically take money out of your account and when you request for them to stop there services they refuse to confirm your request. a warning to muslims of this scam website! I will be posting their version of customer services online and provide the link to it soon