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I ran a promotion at the Pepsi Center in Denver February 23-24, 2008. I signed a contract, and my pay was to be $565.00 I gave them their 90 days and then would only get emails that they were behind on payroll. One piece of advice if you're still looking to get paid. The girl I worked with got paid! But she had to keep applying to their available promos. When she got accepted she demanded payment before doing another! Then what you have to do is get actual information from them and from the check. routing number, any address, as many phone numbers as you can. And then of course just... / Never Paid for Work


I worked an event for and was never paid for working, nor was the model I worked with. The client confirmed paying $2, 400 for our services and we were never paid. I am organizing a class action lawsuit against this company. Please email me with your name, phone number, days worked for the company, how much they owe you, where you are from, and any contact information you have for the company. I will then add you to the newsletter being put together to keep you informed on where we stand in our fight against this company. We CAN NOT and WILL NOT let this company screw over another person! Thank you! Jenni Rogers [email protected] - Washington, Seattle / Company does not pay their models


This company does not pay their models. They require thier client to pay upfront and tell models a paycheck will take 90 days. The truth is, the associates of this company have lied multiple times and I have yet to see a check. Do not use this promotion company to find models and do not agree to work for this company. They have made thousands of dollars off models. I know several other models who have the same story. Do not work for Promomodels.