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Sep 16, 2011

I placed an order for some flowers to be sent to Brazil and they didn't arrive. Not only that, but they billed me for more money than advertised too. I sent several emails and someone eventually got back to me and said they don't issue refunds but when I threatened to take them to court, they said they would give me my money back. Of course it never arrived, and they no longer answer emails, their live help never works and they put the telephone down on me twice, the first time pretending it was a faulty line, the second time who knows since they don't answer the phone any more! Do not use these people! They are awful and will rip you off! DO NOT USE THEM EVER! / I regretted I have not looked for reviews before ordering

Aug 08, 2011

This is an online florist. I order flowers to be delivered to France. I paid $75 for the bouquet + $15 for delivery charge. A total of $90. After an hour, they notified me thru email that the total cost should be $115 without further explanation. I immediately told them I have to cancel due to the big price discrepence. They refused to cancel my order, they said order already en-routed. They didn't wait for my approval of the price increase to execute my order. Another complaint is what I ordered was a basket with peach roses, but what the recipient in France received was just a bunch of... / Delivered a cheap arrangement

Jun 06, 2011

I ordered a plant arrangement for my daughter wich I paid $151.00 for. The arrangement was to send our condolences for a loss of loved one. Progiftnet delivered a cheap arrangement of flower stems with a few sticks in it. Nothing like what I ordered. After complaining to the sales department, I got an answer from them trying to justify what the did. Never again will I do business with these people and I advise anyone reading this complaint to stay away from them.