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Pristine Health Complaints & Reviews

Pristine Health / Unauthorised Deductions


This company has deducted USD$87.62 from my credit card without any form of authorisation from me. I believe that my infromation was forwarded to them from another company andthis is a world wide scam. I never received products from this company nor have I placed any orders with this company. I have lodged a disputed transactions report with my credit card provider and would like to ensure not further deductions are attempted on my card. This is, I believe a world wide scam.

Pristine Health - South Australia, Ashford / Fraud


I have just received my Nov/Dec Mastercard account and there is one unauthorised amount debited and it is from Pristine Health. This is for $99 Australian dollars and I haven't received anything other than two free sample tooth whitener pens. This has not been approved by me and I haven't received anything for it. I am also researching Beauty Club from Canada for $12.90 Aust. Dollars and I haven't authorised that, plus $99.95 Aust. Dollars for a place listed as Ultifreshwell without my authority. This is also from Canada/USA. This has got to stop and I will not pay it.

Pristine Health / Fraud - Unauthorised


I also have been scammed by this Company, I also through a reward offering survey website took up a trial offer of a moisturiser but had to pay for the postage of this product. Since then my credit card has been charged 4 other times and I have not received any products or anything for my money. Total cost is $299.35 AUS plus $7.48 AUS bank fees. I also do not have any correspondence from this company in relation to any of this. The only thing I have been able to do is to cancel my credit card and also put in a formal complaint through the Bank to try and have these costs reimbursed.

Pristine Health / Unauthorized charging


I ordered a sample of Tooth whitener (which doesn't work!!). Got charged more than advertised due to 'postage costs'. Have now also been charged £55.17 and received nothing more from them. Can't find how to cancel either and my credit card company says I have to cancel, they can't stop the claims!! How are companies like this still allowed to operate?

Pristine Health - Colorado / Credit Card Fraud


Hello to one and all who have been scammed by Pristine Health. I too am having a problem with this so-called company. I found out today that Pristine Health is a credit card company that Premium White and South Beach Brite use to charge people. So the phone number 866-676-4122 WILL NOT work. I have talked to my bank about this charge and once it is posted, they will return my money to me and then will not allow any further charges from this place go through. My suggestion is to talk to your bank and have them do the same. On Dec. 7th, Dr. Oz coincidentally talked about scams just like this one...

Pristine Health - Colorado, Greenwood Village / Card fraud


Steal money from your credit or debit card/bank account after ordering a free sample of DazzleWhite Teeth whitening

Pristine Health - Ontario / Money Rip off


Another one bites the dust! Same story as everybody else, they took me for C$ 95.99 and C$95.35. The interesting thing is that they called to confirm my order and I told them that I didn't want anything and I didn't want any additional charges to my credit card but they still did it. My credit card company said that if I don't receive the goods within 1 month they will recharge back to them, but I guess I didn't need them to take that money from my account to begin with. I just won't pick up any of the goods from the post office, or I will return them undelivered back...

Pristine Health / Scam


My husband order a free trial of the teeth whitener offered by this company. It was $1.95 for this tiny little tube that arrived in a package with NO information... Now I see why. This company has now charged our credit card $88.02 and the phone number to call doesn't work Pristinehlth 8666764122. Imagine that!! Why doesn't someone stop this company? It is obvious that a lot of people are experiencing the same transactions. And don't say that it is too difficult to track them down...BULL! This company is a SCAM!!!

Pristine Health - Scotland, Strathclyde, Kilmarnock / unauthorised charge to credit card


like others on this site, I thought I was just paying for postage and packing, but instead my credit card has been charged $87.62. My credit card company have been very vigilant and brought it to my attention and advised me to call their Charge back department (that will be done tomorrow) I didn't even see any clauses which required me to opt out of whatever it is they think they're charging for. In agreement with others, I think this behaviour is disgraceful and the company should be closed down.

Pristine Health - North Carolina, Fayetteville / Overcharges on my debit card- I wantt my money back you scam artists!


My checking account was charged twice for 87.32 each time. I do not know what tha hell for, but all I know is that money 174.62 had better be refunded to my account immediately! I will give you 3 days, then I will call my lawyers, and I don't think you want that!I tried to call your 1800 # which tells me y'all as fake as Barack Obama on a $1 bill! And that's about as low as you can get. It is a damn shame people in this economy still trying to whodo people on fixed incomes.! You got 3 days for my refund of 174.62, I got bills to pay, and you try tellin my 3 kids they ain't...

Pristine Health - Florida / Unauthorized charge to debit account


I agree completely with all the complaints here. I fell into it when I read a CBS News article about Premium White and Clean Whites. Don't do business with either of these companies! One charged me $80.75 and the other charged $87.62. I put in a complaint with the Better Business Bureau but ultimately my bank was the one who sucessfully disputed the charges on my account. I've learned not to try anymore "free samples" or nearly free samples from websites anymore. I would suggest Crest White Strips because they truly work!! I tried them and they work better than these overly priced...

Pristine Health - England, Surrey / Unauthorised credit card charge


I took up Trial offer and paid $5.95 postage cost. One month later, without any contact or authority they charged my card $87.62 . In the UK this is considered theft and legal action can be taken I am not sure about the position in America but I shall be finding out. These type of companies need to be brought under control by government and the owners jailed to protect the general, law abiding public.

Pristine Health - Oregon, Portland / unauthorized charges against my credit card


I purchased a trial size of this advertised tooth whitening product. During the course of the phone call they asked me if I wanted to purchase the full product line for a much higher price. I firmly declined, since I hadn't tried the product how would I know it would work. A couple of weeks later I see the unauthorized higher amount charged by them to my credit card. I'm so sick of these leeches praying of people.

Pristine Health / Dazzle white Tooth Whitener


Bought this stuff that doesn't work from a website that's so confusing and guess what, I've been ripped off with extra charges, upto now totalling £112.66. I am a single parent and cannot afford this. I have tried to track them down to cancel any further payments but can't seem to find a contact number. Can anyono help me?