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Prism Pointe Technologies Complaints & Reviews

Prism Pointe Technologies - Texas / Fraud


Prism Pointe seeked me out to become a service tech for them. I took on an assignment 9/16/09 and subsequently billed them for the service 10/17/09. They have not paid me after almost a year of elapse time. Calls to their Account Payable are sent to a voice mail box that is either full or ignored. I have left approximate 30 messages and have yet to receive a single phone call. To top things off, they have called me and tried to dispatch me to additional calls. This company is a front that actively seeks to commit fraud to othere small companies.

Prism Pointe Technologies - Louisiana / Non payment for work rendered


I completed two different jobs the first week of March 2010 so I knew that they normally didn't send out any checks until the end of the month. So I waited but then here we are almost going on 2 months and still nothing. I have been trying to contact laura bot and mitch wright and anyone in accounts payable, but not one returned phone call. It looks like I will have to get an attorney to solve this one. This is the final straw because I refuse to let them do this twice. If you are smart use it else where and not for this company. WARNING YOU WILL NOT GET PAID ON TIME!

Prism Pointe Technologies - Virginia / How I got paid


Prism Pointe Technologies owed me more than $800.00 for work performed in 2009.<br /><br /> I called several times, but nobody seems to know anything regarding account payables.<br /><br /> I've left several messages for Laura Schimmelfennig, Mitch Wright, Stephen King, some mailboxes are full and not allow for any messages.<br /><br /> I've called the state dept of labor, Fairburn police records, US dept. of labor, better business bureau, and no one seems to have jurisdiction regarding this problem.<br /><br /> <br /><br /> How did...

Prism Pointe Technologies - California / Unpaid wages, No answers, going on 4 months


Im glad i found this website, I am currently filing a complaint and sending in Wages not payed to the California Laybor Board in Sacramento, this whole thing has been very irritating. I have been going through hoops for more then 2 months now and they still havent payed, i have left Numerous messages on Laura's Message box, and countless others, but most of the other's mailboxes are full so you cant even leave a message. This is definatly somthing that needs to get delt with, if anyone else has any ideas for me please let me know. I did a job 2 and a half hours from where i lived and...

Prism Pointe Technologies - Georgia, Fairburn / No payment for work performed


We did $815.00 of work for this company and never got paid. I have left several messages because I cannot get to talk to anyone responsible for accounts payable. This is a bad company to deal with, they are very quick dispatch work but no one pickups the phone when inquiring about payment. DO NOT DO ANY WORK FOR THIS COMPANY YOU'LL BE WASTING TIME AND MONEY.

Prism Pointe Technologies - Virginia / Payment


In March I completed a job for Prism Pointe Technologies with an agreed upon amount for the job. When I got to the job, there were other things that needed to be completed that I had no knowledge about and didn't know how to do. I have been trying since then to get my payment for the work that was completed from them to no avail. I have talked to Stephen Walker numerous times and he finally forwarded me to Mitch Wright who is the VP of finance, but have heard nothing from him even after 4 email and 2 called attempts. DO NOT work for these people, they are a total rip off.

Prism Pointe Technologies - Alberta, Calgary / Non-payment for services


I did several hours on two service calls for Prism Pointe last November (2008) and have not yet been paid even though I did the work over six months ago. Since I was doing the work at a reputable company William Scotsman here in Calgary, I assumed the work was legitimate. But now I see that Prism Pointe is not an honest company. They routinely do not pay their subcontractors.

Prism Pointe Technologies / Refusal to Pay


Prism Pointe Technologies has 5 outstanding invoices from our company. We have a signed contract with them for $50/hour, but they told us they were only willing to pay $35/hour only after work was completed on all 5 jobs. Then, they never even sent us that money. The invoices are from 3/08 - 6/08. The company has outright refused to pay us anything, they aren't even pretending to pay, they have stated they refuse to pay. They told us that they weren't going to pay the rate in our contract because its more than they pay everybody else, regardless of what their contractual obligation...

Prism Pointe Technologies - Georgia, Fairburn / Prism Pointe Technologies does not always pay technicians


Just as so many others, I know that two companies in Lincoln Nebraska that have done work for Prism Pointe Technologies and have not been paid, and the accounting department will not answer their phones or return phone calls. Our company has not been paid for 3 jobs dating 7/23/08, 7/28/08, and 9/29/08, and I have been attempting to contact the accounting department for several months. I was given three names for the accounting department: Lori Bolts, Christy, and Ryan. None of them answer their phones or return phone calls. We need to let the companies paying Prism Pointe know that Prism Pointe...

Prism Pointe Technologies - Georgia, Fairburn / Awful company


I did a contract installation for Prism Pointe 5 months ago and have not been paid. I submitted all the required paperwork shortly afterward, and had the end user complete the customer satisfaction survey and FAX it to PPT. I was told by PPT accounting in August that all the paperwork had been submitted and looked good. I was told I would be paid in August's check run. I waited a couple months and never received payment. Since October I have called PPT 2 to 3 times a week. Almost everytime I call the folks in Accounting, Mitch Wright and Laura Bott, are unavailable, I've left...

Prism Pointe Technologies / Fraud and cheating


I have also been ripped off by this company. I completed a job for them on 8/18/2008 and have not received payment. I have spoke to Laura and Christi in the accounts payable dept. Both said they would email their supervisor and have the payment submitted to me in their next check run. The first time I was able to reach Laura on 9/30/2008 and I spoke to Christi on 10/8/2008. I still have not received my payment and I have not received any return phone calls from the voice mail message I left for them. I have not been able to speak to anyone in accounts payable since 10/8/2008. I keep getting their voice mail.

Prism Pointe Technologies / Terrible service


Upon completion of a dispatch from Prism Pointe Technologies to replace a motherboard, CPU, etc., in a Gateway Server for a Gateway Customer, the completed package was sent in and no payment was ever received. The gateway customer was very pleased with the quick response and work done. Our company tried repeatedly to contact Prism Pointe Technologies and would just be dumped off to an accounting voicemail with no response ever given. Emails have also been sent to no avail. This has been going on for months. It is highly recommended that you do not perform work for Prism Pointe Technologies because you will not receive payment.

Prism Pointe Technologies / Rip off


I have been a 'Service Partner' for Prism Pointe Technologies since 2003. Service calls never amounted to much until the MPC account. They were always slow in payment, but always paid. That is until July of 2008. I received a check in June and didn't realize right away that I had not received a check in July until about the first of August. Still I kept thinking that the check will arrive any day. I didn't realize there was a problem until mid August when I saw An internet story about the MPC law suit. I started making inquiries. I started with the Partner Manager Stephen...