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Prism Point Technologies Complaints & Reviews

Prism Point Technologies / No Payment


Warning to all self employed computer repair techs! Please avoid all of these companies such as Prism Point Technologies, Gurus2Go, Captovis Industries, Barrister Global Services Network and all other such companies. They are dispatching techs to the complete work orders and not paying us. The business environment is already tough enough without having these no good companies working us for free and and stiffing us on our payments. It is just better to build up you own clients and customers than serving their customers and not getting paid. If you must work as a contractor, then I suggest...

Prism Point Technologies - Oregon, Eugene / Won't pay for jobs


I'm Nick Waggoner with the Printer Doctor in Eugene, OR. I installed a Lexmark C782 printer for the Sweet Home Ranger District, (Forest Service), in early February 2010. It's been over three months and I have yet to be paid. They won't return my calls either. I'll have to start putting pressure on the Forest Service and maybe they'll withhold payment from Prism Point and pay me. Who knows? At any rate, maybe the Forest Service will cancel their contract and go with a reputable company; there are several out there. In summary, I can't express in words how I feel about...

Prism Point Technologies - Georgia, Fairburn / 10-99 fraud


Prism Pointe Technologies has sent me a 10-99 for > $10, 800 when in fact they only paid me $2, 000. Have sent them certified mail requesting that they send amended 10-99, neither myself or my lawyers office received a response after more than 21 business days. Has this happened to anyone else? If so, please contact me.

Prism Point Technologies - Hawaii / Non-payment


Prism Point offered a job to install 104 TVs in Navy housing at Pearl Harbor, this job lasted 2 weeks involving 4 workers, job ended end of April, invoiced end of July, 3 months later still no payment received. I am now working with the Navy Contracts agent to investigate. This company will not return calls, I have inquired about matters causing the delay but as everyone I have talked to reviewed the invoice and everything is in order. I also have 8 unpaid tickets from 2008 that they refuse to pay, what's up with this company? DO NOT ACCEPT WORK FROM THIS COMPANY, THEY ARE CROOKS, HOW MUST EMPLOYEES FEEL ABOUT THEIR COMPANY, NO PROUD I'M SURE.

Prism Point Technologies - Georgia, Fairburn / Non Payment


Like every one else on this site, they contacted us asking for contract service work. We gave them 30 day terms, and they refused to pay on time. No answering the phone, no call backs.