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Premier Auto Mart Complaints & Reviews

Premier Auto Mart / Repossessions, Warranties, Gap Insurance, Etc


ANYONE W ANY ISSUES CONCERNING PREMIER AUTO MART, INC SHOULD CONTACT ATTORNEY RON BURDGE AT 937-432-9500. Search this atorney and you will soon learn he knows what he is doing when it comes to stopping car dealerships who prey on unknowing victims. He has several of Premier's customers in litigation righ now about to get them all money, and odds are, he can get you some, too! If you have purchased or leased a vehicle from Premier Auto Mart, Inc, please contact Mr. Burdge to have your paperwork reviewed. Most of the contracts were illegal, let alone the practices that followed. And if your...

Premier Auto Mart - Ohio, Hami / Horrible Customer Service


This was the worst buying experience I have ever had...long story short, anytime I was late on my payments, they were right there to get the vehicle. However, when I was on time or early, nobody would be available to take my payment over the phone. Ginny is a horrible person, and I don't see how she sleeps at night. Especially with that bad make-up and over hairsprayed hair. How professional is it to have your tattoo's in plain sight and clevage out for the world to see? When she came to repo my SUV the first time, she brought along her teenage daughter who also "works" for Premier...

Premier Auto Mart - Ohio, Hamilton / Worst place to buy a vehicle!


Do not buy a car here! I bought a truck with an extended warranty and the engine went out after one month. The warranty company will not stand behind the warranty because they say that it was a pre-existing condition. The car was not road worthy when it was sold to us. Literally no pre-sale maintenance had been done on the car.

Premier Auto Mart - Ohio, Hamilton / Scammers


I have been leasing to own a 2000 Mazda MPV for 10 months. I intended on paying the vehicle off in February 2009. I fell behind on my bills due to an unexpected incident, and my last car payment became 6 days overdue. On Nov 26. 2008, my boyfriend woke me up at 3:30 am informing me that someone was in my car. I went outside and the guy said he was from Premier and was there to repo my van. Without any questions I gave him the keys because I intended on recovering the vehicle before the week was out, no matter what the costs. Now that I think about it, they ended up leaving one of the vehicle...