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Predicto Complaints & Reviews

Predicto / unathorized charges


I got my monthly phone bill $10 higher than usually I checked it and surprise a $9.99 dollar charge for stupid predicto company what I remember is I was in yahoo and I saw a little window on the side about IQ test they asked my phone number thats all I remember few days later I got a message asking about what I tought about some celibrities, are they going to divorce or would they stay togehter something like that I erased it, after that I remember I recieved 1 or 2 more messages I erased them that was it they never asked my permission to get the membership or anything, I called this predicto...

Predicto - Florida / Unauthorized charges on my credit card


When i went on line to check my credit card statement last week i saw 150. 00 woth of charges stating sprint download. I called sprint which showed no charges and stated that they only charge my sprint account and not my credit card. The sprint rep told me it was from I never heard of them and sprint told me i had to report fraud to my creditcard. I called my credit card company and had to close out my account and get a new card. They are still in the process of disputing the charges. They also told me the found 2 other charges on 2 prior months. The 150. 00 worth of charges were...

Predicto - New Jersey, Fort Lee / Fraud and scam


I noticed today that I had a 9.99 charge on my spouse's cell phone. My spouse barely uses his cell phone, only answering my calls. He usually logs about 100 minutes or less per cycle. I call Verizon who said he had subscribed to the service by going responding to a text and that I needed to speak with the company directly. After Verizon connected me the sales person on the phone tried to kiss me off by telling me that not only did my spouse respond to a text, but he went on the internet and entered a pin, #16327. My husbands phone does not even get the internet. And he certainly did not go...

Predicto - Illinois, Petersburg / unwanted text messages & $9.99 charge


It is reported on my At & T cell bill that I ordered something on 1/18/09 from "Predicto". The charge they made is for $9.99. I ordered no such thing, but received about 15 text messages... Barb Miller