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Pinnacle Financial Group Complaints & Reviews

Pinnacle Financial Group - Minnesota, Minneapolid / Dishonesty & harrassment


Pinnacle Financial Group somehow got a private cell phone no of my relative which I listed on a T mobile phone account established at Radio Shack in Augusta, Maine. And my US passport and social secuirty no . After I disputed the bill both with T Mobile and with Pinnacle, they then initiated multiple phone calls to the relative's cell phone (she is not on then account) from numbers 877 207 6933 and 800 513 6852. She is being charged for these incoming calls !! We then called these two toll free numbers which answer as Pinnacle Financial Group. And on line located their website and corporate address and phone. This needs to be turned over to the State Attorney In Minnesota.

Pinnacle Financial Group - Minnesota, Minneapolis / Absolutely a fraud


This is ABSOLUTELY a fraud. Do not send this company ANY money IF you have already paid your debt. This company is harassing me for a debt that has already been paid in 2005. I sent proof to the first company T-Mobile turned this collection over to in January, 2008. They in turn, evidently sold or turned over this collection to this company, Pinnacle Financial Group. I have a canceled check proving that I have paid this back in 2005! The first debt collection company to harass me was Mitchell Kay. Now I have this company Pinnacle Financial Group harassing me for a debt I have paid YEARS ago! I...