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Peroutka & Peroutka Complaints & Reviews

Peroutka & Peroutka - Maryland, Severna Park / Racism

Mar 25, 2014

Google the article, Top Anti-Marriage Donor in Maryland is Active in White Supremacist, Secessionist Causes. One of the attorneys is a RACIST!!! This company prays on minorities and illegally sues them. THEY NEED TO LOSE THEIR LICENSE!!!

Peroutka & Peroutka - Maryland / Debt Collection

Oct 29, 2013

They are very dishonest. When they first started calling me, they told me they represented Capital One in a collection matter. I had 2 accounts and they held both. They first wanted me to pay, up front, half the outstanding balance to settle. When I tried to explain that I would not be in this spot if I could afford that, they practically called me a liar. When trying to set up a payment plan, they told me Capital One would not accept the amount I could afford to pay. Finally, they accepted the amount I could pay, and I made a good faith payment over the phone. They were to send me a receipt...

Peroutka & Peroutka - Maryland, Pasadena / Credit Card Debt


They were handling my credit card account. I decided to go with a Debt management program. I did this because I had several other debts that I wanted to consolidate. After enrolling in the program I was advised to call and let them know that this company would be taking care of these debts for me. Peroutka and Peroutka, after being told on two occasions the name of the company and phone number, that they could check with. They instead put a writ in the courts to Garnish my wages. The judge signed the writ of Garnishment. I went to file a motion for a hearing and sent them a copy. They do not want to work with us in any way.

Peroutka & Peroutka - Maryland, Pasadena / Illegal Practices


This is the type of firm that gives lawyers a bad name. They have filed false information to the District Court of Maryland. They claim that they served me with a Writ of Summons on a day that I was out town. The firm positions itself to look as though they are representing credit card companies and they are NOT. They purchase debts and then try to collect using the Maryland Courts as their partner. They file false claims in court!!In my opinion, this guy, Michael Peroutka is a real ###! Please read about this guy at What a great guy huh?

Peroutka & Peroutka - Maryland, Waldorf / Nervr notified of a court date by Perotka & Peroutka


Peroutka & Peroutka, P.A. Lawfirm located at 8028 Ritchie Highway Suite 300 Pasadena, Md 21122 filed a judgement at the District Court House in Charles County Maryland which was granted and know my pay check is being garnished. All of of this was done without any notification to me at all, I was notified of a court date nor did any attorneys contact me. I was never aware of any of the proceedings. It was not till the payroll department that I am currently working for notified me that the receievd a notice form the Peroutka & Peroutka from the District Court of Maryland ordering that my paycheck to be garnished. Is there any one that can assist me or offer me some advice.

Peroutka & Peroutka - Maryland / garnishment of wages


I'm complaining about Peroutka & Peroutka. They are attempting to garnish my wages for a 16 yr old Sears credit card. What about the statutes of limitations???I have made 2 payments to them, but they didn't subtract out the 2 payments that were previously made. The are ruthless and don't care about consumers trying to do the best that they can to make payments during this time of recession in the United States.