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Perma-seal basement systems Complaints & Reviews

Perma-seal basement systems - Illinois, Downers Grove / Fraud/Shoddy Workmanship

Nov 07, 2013

WARNING: Read the contract very carefully. The final clause in the contract is an Arbitration Clause that dictates any and all disputes must be handled through a mandatory arbitration. This means if and when they perform their shoddy work on your basement or crawlspace, YOU CANNOT SEEK LEGAL ACTION AGAINST THEM in a court of law. I tried and failed. The cost of this mandatory arbitration is currently $775 for any claim between $0 and $10, 000, plus another $200 final fee for any case that proceeds to a hearing. How many consumers can afford to spend another $1000 when they've already...

Perma-seal basement systems - Illinois, Downers Grove / Breach of Contract

Aug 12, 2011

In March of this year I contracted with Perma-Seal Basement Systems to find a water problem in my basement. At first we thought it was a water leak but when the village and a plumber said it was not we contacted Perma-Seal to install a drainage system. From the beginning, we discussed with them the possibility that it was a water leak and the salesperson agreed that they would dig around the water pipe first and then dig the rest of the trench. When the workers arrived to do the job I discussed this with him and I thought that he agreed to do this (dig around the water pipe first). He then...