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Perfumania Complaints & Reviews

Perfumania - California, Commerce / customer service

Jul 31, 2012

So I go to the outlets often and I love shopping at perfumania but today I had a real bad experience with them that I thought I shared with everyone because I didn't think this was professional. So I go in the store and I get greeted as I ask a female to help me she right away dismissed me to a gentlemen as if I were bothering her. Right away the gentleman helped me very helpful by the way when it came time for him yo ring me up she right away steped to the register and started telling him a lot of rude comments to him and started telling him that it was her sale when she dismissed me and didn't help me at all and to top it off she stormed out crying I was so surprised in her childish behavior.

Perfumania - Michigan, Auburn Hills / Unfair return Policy that was never posted

Feb 16, 2011

Purchased Items last week, tried to return a few of the items from my bill of sale. I was told that I would have to wait four weeks to get a returned check in the mail because I purchased the Items by check. That would have been ok with me if their returned policy was posted in plain sight. I asked the associate to point their policy and where was it posted in the store, the associate found the policy behind the cash register. Why do I have to wait four week for a refund with today’s technology check clears within 48 hours at max? Is this even legal, especially when the refund policy wa...

Perfumania / They don't accept gift cards online, lied to me, didn't return my customer service email..

Feb 13, 2011

I went into a Perfumania in Michigan to exchange a perfume I got for a gift, because they didn't have the scent that I wanted in the store, they told me no problem, we'll put the balance on a gift card so you can use it to buy the perfume online at I live hours away from a perfumania store so I agreed to take the gift card to buy online. When I got home, I found the fragrance that I wanted on the website, went to check out, and realized that they don't accept gift cards online! I didn't believe that this could be true in 2011 so I called the customer...

Perfumania - Minnesota, Burnsville / rude customer service


I will never return to this store because of how rudely I was treated. I work in customer service myself and CUSTOMERS ALWAYS COME FIRST I had went to the mall on November 27 2010 to purchase a colonge for my fiancee. I didn't remember how much the full set had cost from Macy's and I had a coupon for Perfumania from the booklet the mall has so I figured it would be cheaper. I purchased the large size of the CK-one for $56.77 thinking it was a good deal. The transaction went through just fine. A few days later I was thinking of the full set wondering if the size of the colonge in the set...

Perfumania - Texas / Management


My husband lost his job in Nov. of 09 since he has applied to so many jobs and unable to find anything. He applied to Perfumania store they were hiring for store manager at the time (they still are). At last he receives a phone call from the DM to come in and have an interview with her. After the interview the DM disappeared (I completely understand you’re a busy person) after almost three weeks or probably more of waiting. My husband is finally told he has an interview with the Regional Manager; the interview lasted about 30 to 45 minutes. Now after two months of waiting or probably...

Perfumania / Sold me an empty bottle of perfume

Whilst working in the USA I bought a 100ml bottle of Dior Pure Poison perfume as a birthday present for my wife, when I got home to the UK I gift wrapped the box. on my wife’s birthday I gave her the box which she opened and was amazed then disappointed when we discovered that it contained an empty 50ml bottle, I wrote to Perfumania and asked for a replacement or a refund, the request was denied as they said that they could not accept a claim after 3 days, after several email conversations they offered $40 gift card or online voucher, which is of no use to me as I live in the UK and the...