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Park Royal Complaints & Reviews

Park Royal / Beware! Park Royal is a fraud!

Pamela Kadden on May 6, 2011

Research Royal Holiday before going on your vacation to a Park Royal hotel in Mexico. There are many complaints published on the internet about this company. This hotel is part of Royal Holiday - a big chain of hotels in Mexico. Beware, they will try to sell you a membership. They will try to trap you into becoming their member, and will offer you deals that will seem too good to be true. Do your research first, and you will enjoy your vacation later. Put in Royal Holiday complaints, Royal Holiday fraud, or Royal Holiday scams into a search engine like Google or Yahoo. You will see that they...

Park Royal / Exercise caution

The following is an excerpt from the U.S. State Department site. Visit it for the whole warning.: American citizens should exercise caution when considering time-share investments and be aware of aggressive tactics used by some time-share sales representatives. Buyers should be fully informed and take sufficient time to consider their decisions before signing time-share contracts, ideally after consulting an independent attorney. Mexican law allows time-share purchasers five days to cancel the contract for unconditional and full reimbursement. U.S. citizens should never sign a contract that...

Park Royal / Royal Holiday vacation scams

If you are on your way to a vacation in a Park Royal resort, like the one in Cozumel, or any resort that is part of the Royal Holiday web site, BEWARE. Be prepared to be offered many things, and many intellegent people have fallen for this scam. Research Royal Holiday before you go, then you will know why you should NEVER attend one of their presentations. Put in Royal Holiday complaints, Royal Holiday fraud, or Royal Holiday scams into a search engine like Google or Yahoo. You will see that they give you everything you could want, because when you get home they deliver nothing. You...

Park Royal / Your luck depends on your action!

I am getting e-mails from many who have signed contracts for vacation packages while at Park Royal Resorts in Mexico and other places. Park Royal vacation destinations are generally good, but they will try to get you to go to presentations. SAY NO!! People who attend are offered deals too good to be true, and unfortunately after signing and getting home find out what a scam it was. Here are some of the answers I have given: There are no "class action suits" in Mexico. The best recourse is to research the Internet, make copies of other testimonies with similar experience. Fie with PROFECO, the...