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Papillon Agency Complaints & Reviews

Papillon Agency - Nevada, Las Vegas / Harassment


I worked for over 3 years with this company. I was promoted to manager. I did a great job for them for a long time and once I said I was in Invitro fertilization treatment, I was harassed by the owner Marcie in a daily basis. Starting from threating calls that I was been suspended because i was in a hormonal treatment, to accusing me of sharing personal information of the agents. In the end thanks to this lady behavior and the craziness that I went thru my treatment was unsuccessful, This company don't care if you have kids if you need to call in or if you have an emergency. Please be aware if...

Papillon Agency / Phone sex staffing company


There is a phone sex staffing company called Papillion Agency and I've been there a few months now and it takes 3 WEEKS to get paid. 3 weeks because Marcie can't write out the checks too fast, I guess. The paycheck goes out 1 WEEK after the pay period, even though they tell you in the contract you get paid every 2 weeks. What-ever. And it takes 5 days for the paycheck to arrive in my mailbox, so I can count on receiving the check 11 or 12 days after the pay period ends. Why I still work there, I have no idea. I am looking for something else because I've had it with this company...