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Palm Bullies Complaints & Reviews

Palm Bullies / puppy scam

Oct 10, 2014

YES, BUYERS BEWARE!!! We were going to purchase a puppy from "Palm Bullies" but when we decided to cancel that's when the Red Flags started popping up!!! There's no first or last name of the breeder, or address provided the contact number on the website is just an answering machine, they continuously post pictures of the same puppies even that are "sold" on different websites such as They close down their website and change their name. We are still "waiting" for a refund if that ever happens. "Find a local bulldog club instead, get AKC references"

Palm Bullies / Switched Dog

Sep 20, 2014

Purchased a dog pictured online, paid via CC, received completely different dog, probably rescued from a pound. Reported to local police, apparently not the first customer to be scammed. BUYER BEWARE! Find a local bulldog club instead, get AKC references - stay away!