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Olson Powersports Complaints & Reviews

Olson Powersports - Texas, New Braunfels / Terrible Service

Jan 31, 2011

DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY!!! I ordered an atv for my son's birthday from this company before reading any reviews on them. Had I saw this website before, I would not have ordered. I placed my order on Nov. 8th thinking a month was plenty of time for them to get the atv shipped to me for my son's birthday. They called me that afternoon to get my check by phone payment (that should have been red flag #1). After about 2 weeks with no further emails or tracking info, I sent them a few emails. I did not receive a reply to any of those. So I started calling, always got voicemails, left...

Olson Powersports - Texas, New Braunfels / FRAUD


Please please please do not attempt to contact or purchase from these crooks. I ordered my son's atv 12/2/10 and thank god I called to check on my order on 12/9/10. Once no one answered the phone and the answering machine couldn't take any more messages--my curiosity was aroused. Why would this ATV dealer not be answering the phone with just 16 days left until Christmas? Upon looking them up on the BBB website I learned not only do they have an "F" rating, but the Texas Attorney General froze their assets as of 12/6/10. Extremely disheartening to learn this after I had been thru so...

Olson Powersports - Texas, New Braunfels / Sweet Dirt Bike


I love these guys. My parents first bought from them 8 years ago. They buught me a Little 125cc dirt bike. I was 13. Now im 21 and im really into motocross, but not on a Suzuki budget. I got a 250cc Pro quality Dirt bike from them, and I can Hang with my rich buddies on the track. Usually I blow them away. (I put on an aftermarket sprocket and exhaust for about $100 more)

Olson Powersports - Texas, New Braunfels / **CHECK OUT**


**CHECK OUT** Discover all about Brandon Olson SCAM ARTIST. Olson will: NOT ship your merchandise NOT answer his phone NOT return emails NOT return phone messages Olson: WILL cash your check WILL cash your money order WILL debit your credit/debit card You: WILL NOT receive your merchandise WILL NOT get your money back You: WILL get ripped off WILL lose all your money WILL have to tell your kid(s) that you got scammed WILL be sorry you ever met Brandon Olson

Olson Powersports - Texas, New Braunfels / Took my money and never shipped **DO NOT BUY FROM OLSON** Check him out on WWW.[redacted]S.COM


Olson is a BAD GUY and appears to like it. He ripped me off just like the others he rips off. We have been paying bi-weekly payments to this thief since November and now when it comes time to ship he is NOWHERE TO BE FOUND!! No replies to email. No return phone calls. Many attempts. Nothing.<br /> <br /> $690 down the drain.<br /> <br /> Read the other reports.<br /> <br /> Common theme. Olson is a THIEF.<br /> <br /> If you read this BEFORE you buy from Olson...*****DO NOT BUY FROM OLSON*****<br /> <br /> YOU WILL LOSE YOUR MONEY!!<br...

Olson Powersports / Rip off


Ordered a 150cc ATV from Matthew at Olson Powersports via telephone. Paid check by phone since they did not accept credit cards (should have been a red flag right there). Matthew told me I would receive an e-mail with tracking info. within a few days and ATV would be received by 12/22/09. Never received that e-mail or the merchandise. Called many, many times - they don't answer the phones now. E-mailed them several times - no response. Filing complaints with anyone that will let me post or will listen. DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM THEM - THEY ARE A SCAM!

Olson Powersports - Texas, New Braunfels / ATV purchase for Christmas


I sent a money order for $699.00 for a 125cc ATV for my son for this Christmas and my money order reached there on December 10 and I have yet to receive an e-mail confirmation of shipment. The first time I called on Monday, December 14 I spoke with Matt and asked him about my order and if it was going to reach us by Christmas and he stated it should be delivered by this Friday, December 18. Since this time I still have not received an e-mail confirmation of shipment and I have called numerous times daily since Monday, December 14 and keep getting a voice recording, leave a message, and never...

Olson Powersports - Texas, New Braunfels / Bad service


They sell these Chinese Made ATV's and offer no service centers to take care of the warranty. They expect you the owner of the ATV to figure out what is wrong. if you have a problem with the ATV and send in the part and they will replace it. That is a joke. You will wear yourseft down trying to get something done. They have no repair centers to take care of the warranty problems. If you want a refund they want to offer you a 25% restocking charge and you pay all the freight. Once they receive the ATV they will tell you it is in bad shape and take more off the refund price. They will turn...