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Ole Ben Franklin Motors Complaints & Reviews

Ole Ben Franklin Motors - Iowa, Knoxville / Scam

Jul 14, 2015

After hearing (radio) and seeing (TV) commercials for this dealership my youngest son and I decided to browse Ole Ben Franklin Motors inventory. This company uses "they own the bank) as their big advertising scheme. We arrived at the lot happy to see there was a good selection of vehicles, most under some type of warranty. Strangely enough there were no prices listed on the invoices. When we indicated we wanted to learn more about th vehicles we were taken to a cubby hole to be, what we called, interrogated. Personal identifiable information was given and copies of our drivers licenses (blown up to...

Ole Ben Franklin Motors - Tennessee, Knoxville / Liers

Jan 26, 2011

I received one pf those scratch and win post cards in the mail from Ole Ben Franklin. It claimed every one was winner and call the number on the post card to see what you won. Among the prizes there was a new truck, a cash prize, and up to $1, 000 in the form of a wal mart gift card. Knowing I was likely wasting my time I called the number and the lady who answered directed me to a man. The man asked me for the number on the post card and when I read it off to him he said "congratulations, you just won a one thousand dollar gift wal mart gift card". I knew I should not get excited yet so I...