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Nicole Blodgett Complaints & Reviews

Nicole Blodgett - Michigan, Nashville / selling sick, poorly cared for puppies

Nov 16, 2017

Purchased an aussie puppy from Nicole. From the minute we got puppy home noticed him itching constantly, then upon inspection of his skin through his fluffy aussie coat, he was super infested with fleas and had a balding spot on his right buttocks, it took 5 flea baths to get rid of them. Also noticed his stools were loose, and had already planned to do a initial vet visit the next day. So took him to vet, got stool tested and of course came back positive for parasite/worm, also notably underweight. We got him started on the medication for parasites and started on heartworm medication as well...

Nicole Blodgett - Michigan, Nashville / Sells Dying Puppies

Jul 28, 2011

Nicole Blogett sold us a Parvo puppy that died, too. The puppy had Parvo when we bought her, but we didn’t know that at the time. Our vet diagnosed the puppy a couple days after we bought her. I saw the test. It was a strong positive for Parvo. The puppy was dead within a week. Nicole is hiding behind a "no warranty" clause. She said the puppy was “off”, but it was probably due to a worming. We believe her and bought the puppy. We fell in love, spent $300 in vet bills, and the puppy died…all in one week. Nicole refuses to refund our payment to her. We cannot have a new...

Nicole Blodgett - Michigan, Nashville / Not a puppymill o

Apr 9, 2011

Please read the complaints carefully some are just comments others are a couple years old. I do help animals and I have many pages of good references on the sites that manage my ads. They are impartial and allow for negative reviews with supported statements from a vet. Sometimes you just can't make someone happy or resolve an issue no matter how you try. Please contact me for specific information. Come visit my home and see for yourself the way we treat our animals. I do not do any breeding. We train and transport, as well start house breaking. Give us a call and ask for the link to my real review page. Nicole 517 588 9821

Nicole Blodgett - Michigan, Mulliken / Puppy Mill seller


Nicole Blodgett sold us a puppy with parvo. She is NOT a breeder. She purchases puppies from mills and sells them for profit. She has not refunded our money. The puppy only lived for 2 weeks from our purchase date. Unwilling to help us or refund our money. She sells on NextDay Pets and PuppyFind. BEWARE!!!