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Nextel Complaints & Reviews

Nextel / Scammers


We upgraded 2 phones, when i called nextel to cancel one of the two phones i have with them they informed me that due to the new purchase my contract started all over again, i was never told by the salesman or from anyone with Nextel this would happen, after calling the 1-800 and speaking with Keesha she told me i would be charged $200, i asked her to send me a copy of this signed agreement she said, 'this is not in your agreement this is in the back of the manual' well the manual comes in the box with the phone you have to purchase the phone before you get the box, so how was i...

Nextel / Scam charges


I began with Nextel in January, 2006. When I started with them they told me that I had to have a $100. security deposit on my account because my credit is not so great. Ok... I agreed. No big deal. I ordered my i265 phone and when it got to my house I called to get it activated. I was told that to get my phone activated I would have to pay $150. to get it activated. I was angry about that because no one told me this ahead of time. Ok. I have poor credit. So, I went ahead and paid the extra $150. for a total of $250. in deposits before my service became active. It is now August, 2006. I...

Nextel / Scam and cheating


I'm in the vortex of a very lucrative scam that Nextel, Sprint and Simply Wireless has been perpetrating on some community. It to date it has cost me nearly $800.00 dollars. First, I no longer had needed the data plan attached to my blackberry any longer. When i contacted Nextel to inform them that i no longer needed this service but i would like to continue use my phone service CSR informed me that i couldn't do this, i would have to purchase a new phone if i wasn't going to use the Data and Phone service together. I was told this for several months by several CSR oh! by the...

Nextel / Stay away from Nextel's service!


My Business received a contract for all employees that said "We would not have any contracts with Nextel" since our business was so large. I tried updating my service to add new phone lines, change service and misc other changes. Over a two to three year period I was told each time I changed anything that a new contract would be in effect. I would call Nextel's customer service department each time and think I got it resolved only to find out that the various departments do not communicate with each other. I had to know a secret code that they would not give me until I moved up the chain...

Nextel / Overcharging


I have 3 mobile phones and 1 aircard with nextel. My monthly bill runs around 325.00 per month until the last couple of months. Last month it was over 900.00 and i although i called and protested I still had to pay it. So I paid 4 payments the first was 150.00 the second was 160.99 the third was 129. And some change and the fourth was for 306.99. Low and behold I receive a bill that says I owe over 400.00 on the 900.00 dollar bill and an additional 200. + on my new bill. They are charging me for text messaging per message and the 2 phones that have text messaging we pay for unlimited text...

Nextel / Service sucks!


Where do I begin. My husband got a Nextel i530 phone a year ago. He liked Nextel phones because of the walkie talkie feature. I had Verizon(never, ever should of switched). I decided to switch to Nextel. I got the i710 phone a year ago. My husband gets about 7 dropped calls a day, no service in alot of areas in PA, when someone tries to reach him, people get "please hold while the Nextel subscriber you are trying to reach is located". It goes right into voice mail. God for bid if there was an emergency. We take both phones to the Nextel Service store. The guy at the store said my...

Nextel / Worst service ever!


As you have seen from EVERYONE else's reviews, nextel is hands down the worst cell phone company ever, and if you read current news articles of Sprint/Nextel, they are losing more customers than ever. I have been with nextel for about 3 years, When I bought the phone at a discounted price I agreed to a 2 year service agreement, but then 1 year later whn i wanted to swith my rate plan (to a more expensive one mmind you), they started my 2 year service agreement over again, and did not even inform me of that. When you call custome service ( iswear the calls are re-routed to Mexico, haha), no...