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New Age Marketing Solutions Complaints & Reviews

New Age Marketing Solutions - Arizona, Phoenix / company number doesn't work can't request refund

I tried calling company today to request full refund of the purchase price only to discover the telephone number doesn't work. Buyer beware. I should have checked out this page before saying "yes".

New Age Marketing Solutions - Arizona, Phoenix / Making Money

Wow. I see alot of you folks complaining about this company and reporting that they are fraudulent etc. I myself have invested in their program and though it has not made me filthy rich, it does make me money. I am not especially computer savvy, but I do have good conservative business sense - I did some checking and found that these guys have over 20, 000 clients. Thats TWENTY T-H-O-U-S-A-N-D! Between this program and some of my other websites I am doing well, all it really takes is some dedication. I am sorry you all have not the same experience as myself, but for crying out loud, put some effort into it and then see what happens.

New Age Marketing Solutions / $4500.00 invested/ $oo.oo return

In Sept. 2007 I invested approx. $4500.00 into 3 websites and a marketing campaign. I am on my 3rd campaign. Not because anything worked like they said it would, but because nothing worked like they said it would! In selling me my campaign, Gene Cameron told me I would most likely recoup my investment within 2 to 3 months. He told me I would be calling him back to purchase more campaigns within that period of time. He said that most of his clients let the campaigns do the work for them and that very few did their own advertising. Because the 1st and 2nd campaigns shorted out they started a new...

New Age Marketing Solutions - Arizona, Pjoenix / Advertising fraud!

Offer to design for you websites partnered with Amazon and Ebay. Your website is exactly the same as all others involved. Then, sell you an advertising campaign for thousands of dollars, but you can not see, verify or track these ads, their placement, content or results. NO CONTRACT - just erroneously worded "Work Order" for "marketing materials'" and "10,000 web targeted visitors". The marketing materials are merely amateurishly produced study guides. They always blame US Post Office for not receiving your paperwork. They claim to get started on your campaign within 72 hours, but one month later, still have no website. The Arizona BBB gives them an UNSATISFACTORY rating.

New Age Marketing Solutions - Texas, Springtown / Credit card fraud!

I spent about 2500 dollars with these folks and never got anything now their phone doesn't answer. I have all the materials they sent me plus my credit card statements where they charged me. Advise smb what should i do!

New Age Marketing Solutions - Arizona, Phoenix / Fraud and scam!

I signed up with them for the price of $300. I also sent in my SS number to get my account activated. Now, they want $1000 for an advertising campaign. I hope I didn't screw up too badly.

New Age Marketing Solutions - Arizona, Phoenix / Theft of funds

)n 10/25/2007 I received a call from Caleb at New Age Marketing Solutions and agreed to sign up for a small business opportunity I gave them my card number for them to take the fund on 11/02/2007 I called back immediatly on 10/25/2007 and cancled. On 10/26/2007 I called back and confirmed I had cancled They confirmed. On 11/02/2007 $349.00 + $19.95 was still taken from my account they told me a refund had been issued and my bank was holding the funds. I emailed my bank and they said they did not hold refunds. It is now 11/19/2007 and I still have not received my refund. This was blatant unauthorized use of my card. These crooks should be out of business. BEWARE OF NEW AGE MARKETING SOLUTIONS!