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Gate.comUnethical Billing Practice

Read all the mice type before signing up (i.e. DON'T SIGN UP). In order to cancel your hosting you need to phone them, you cannot cancel online. Their fees are non-refundable and non pro-rateable. Meaning if you have a dormant website and need to cancel it a day or week after the last billing cycle - you will be charged for the next full billing cycle. This is legal, but unethical. It tells you where their priorities are. BE WARNED. Find hosting where you can cancel your account when you choose to.


Over the past year, have consistently offered a terrible service. They are also slow to respond to issues with their service. They deliberately offer a slower service than premium paying customers, and make sure that my site runs slower than any other I've ever come across online as I refuse to pay the extra cash for a very basic service. This is a con, my site used to be with Winsave - who were wonderful - but were bought out by these cowboys.

My business site has consistently been extremely slow to load and occasionally even disappeared from the web. Most recently (April 4th) they were hacked by 'Fatal Error Group' who entirely removed my site from the web and replaced it with a clown image and the words 'Hacking is not a crime'. My site is still not up and running and I'm starting to lose business. have refused to answer my messages politely asking for service (copies available), and I now require a full refund for a year of misery $99, plus money for my hours of trouble this week (which could initially have been placated by the simple courtesy of a response from, plus for them to transfer my site to a new host company.

Resolved Gate.combilling scam

This company has been sending me a bill for website hosting that I shut down with a compay they purchased 3-4 years ago. I called them and emailed them 3-4 times. They ignore my requests to stop sending me bills.

bottom line - this is a shady company - do not do business with them.

  • He
    HerbertB Jul 22, 2009

    We also are having a hard time with the kind of support gate is giving us right now...we have created trouble tickets since May 7 2009 and up to now there is not a single concrete solution on our problems with our website...

    I also found similar problems from several blogs regarding

    Most of the customers are complaining...some of you have posted it here at

    But what action can we get? It seems that is still out there...preying on customers...nobody seems to care...the only solution left with us poor customer is to get out of their services...unless somebody from the government interfere and do something about this to protect us as consumers...

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  • Ih
    I Hate Oct 21, 2009 has a very disconnected billing department with poor communication. Their ticket system allows you to cancel the service. When you complete the cancellation, they disconnect you from the panel, making you assume that your cancellation is complete. Then for months afterward you receive a bill. I finally called after trying to send several emails and they said they were going to maintain their charges because it was MY fault that even though I had submitted the cancellation and could no longer use their service that they were still sending me bills.

    This company is run on duct tape and bailing wire. They have major communication breakdowns and will not accept responsibility for their own failures in system or communication. They pin all responsibility on the customer and handle any challenges in a demeaning and rude way. is a very poor choice for hosting. Not only are their hosting services sub-par and behind the times, but their billing teams will take advantage of you. Do not use is a poor service. will rip you off. Select another hosting company besides If you are an existing customer trying to get out of, make sure you do not use their automated cancellation solution. Call them and give them hell. Make sure you get in writing that you have canceled. If you do not get an in writing response that you have canceled, they will bill you on-going, even if you stop payment. is a shady service with a billing department that is demeaning, rude, and does not accept responsibility for their own failures.

    Do not choose is a poor service. should be investigated for poor business practices and for fraudulently misleading customers into thinking they have canceled and continuing to bill them.

    If you have complaints about, please submit them. The more of you who voice their complaints, the more likely we can stop the shady business practice of

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  • Ik
    ikatya Jan 06, 2010

    they've charged me $8.95 every month for almost 2 years so far, until i cancelled THROUGH THE BANK because i kept cancelling over the phone/thru emails and they never actually cancelled it.

    i cancelled thru the bank months ago, and now i got a snail mail BILL telling me i'm in DEBT to them because i'm showing "deliquent" activity and not paying for their services, even though i haven't used their services since 1 HOUR after i signed up with them! i cancelled my account IMMEDIATELY after activating it because their service sucks THAT BAD!

    so sure, they can bill me all they want. sue me, even. i'll just counter claim them and sue their butts off for charging me for absolutely nothing for 2 years after i've repeatedly and repeatedly cancelled my account with them.

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  • Bi
    Bigtom65 Dec 10, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I called and cancelled my CC# and account over the phone because you can't do it online through system, they have it set up that way on purpose! 5 months later I get a collection notice saying I owe them for the last quarter. When I called and told them I cancelled my account and CC# they said they had no record of it. This is apparently how this company operates. A class action law suite would probably discover this is a common practice to extract money from people and businesses that have cancelled their accounts. keeps their account open and creates a collection account and people pay because they don't want a collection account on their credit! WARN EVERYONE TO STAY AWAY FROM GATE.COM!!!

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  • Ra
    Raybob Mar 21, 2016

    I've had one site hosted there for many years; it has never been much of a problem until today. A while back I renamed some pages, and forgot to create 301 redirects. I tried this today, only to find that it's not even POSSIBLE to do this on their site - they are running extremely OLD versions of Windows Server software: 2003 R2 IIS6. I can't get any redirect to work, and I've tried 5 different ways. Tech support was ZERO help. I'm going to have to move my hosting to someone else who can help me.

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Gate.comVery poor service!

I signed up for service through When speaking to the sales person, I made it abundantly clear that I needed a very specific service. the sales person assured me that there would be no issue and that could provide the needed service, and that if could not they would cancel the account with no charges. I spent a couple of hours working with tech support and getting nowhere. I then stated that I was not going to invest anymore time and would like the account canceled. There was some hesitation on their part, some argumentation, and then the comment "ill cancel the account."

Several months later I reviewed my account to find that I had been charged continually months after the "cancellation". I spoke with and they said that there is no evidence of my request for a cancellation in their notes, and therefore they would not refund me. I then let them know I would pass the issue along to my credit card company (chase) for their mediation. Chase credited my card to the disputed charges a couple weeks ago. Today 7/9, i received a letter from RMCB collection agency (New York) demanding $19.90. I attempted to contact RMCB but it was purely automated. Gate.coms records do show that after the initial couple of hours attempting to setup the account, I never used the account again (as I had believed it to be canceled per my request.)

Furthermore, never contact me asking for the payment of 19.90. I assume that my credit card company won out in disputing the charges, and reacted by sending me directly to a collections agency.

  • Ml
    ml Jun 12, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    What is wrong with How can their service be so poor and they stay in business?

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Gate.comWebsite is very hard to navigate and they steal people's money!

I had set up a website through, a web hosting business. The website worked ok at first. For the last 8 months my website has not worked and I contacted several times to resolve the issue. Each time, they told me that they were forwarding my request to their technical support department. After about 2 months of the website working, I asked them to cancel my account. I was being charged monthly and I told them that I was no longer interested in using them as a hosting company. I explained why and they said they would cancel my account. 2 months later I noticed that I had 2 charges from them, one for each month. I asked them to cancel my account again, and told them that they should have cancelled it 2 months ago. They continued charging my card. Finally, a few weeks ago I emailed them again, and I received a confirmation email saying that my account was cancelled on the 12th of March. On the 21st of March, a charge from came through on my bank account again. I finally gave up and went into my bank and had to place a stop payment on all transactions from this company and I had to get a new Visa Debit card with a different number. A couple hours after I got my new card, emailed me and apologized and said that my account was cancelled (AGAIN) and said they would refund the last charge to my card on file. I won't ever see that money because I changed my card number and I will not give them the information for my new credit card. This is a terrible business that is not organized and has no idea what is going on. There must be a lack of communication. Their website is actually very hard to navigate and they steal people's money. If they wanted to make amends, they would need to refund my money for the last 8 months of service, since my website didn't work at all during that time.

  • Tj
    TJ May 08, 2007
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I've had the same experience with aka Affinity Internet. Despite cancelling the account twice they've taken 2 more quarters payments on my card.

    I've reported them to the Better Business Bureau in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Their entry is:

    and the complaints form is at:

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  • Mo
    Mohiuddin Parekh Dec 04, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    We also got registered a domain with them for 2 years, There was no account information till 15 days inspite of reminding them 3 times, even though they made the transactions twice the amount suppose to be charged.

    After the second reminder (after one week) they just admit that you made one transaction with us, There was no indication of account information yet, After another reminder they send the account information with no necessary details, Having only User name and password we hardly find the so called "control panel" which has no CONTROL AT ALL, You can only change personal information. I would say is pathetic.

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  • Ph
    Phil Turner Apr 08, 2009

    My business internet host Winsave were bought out by; my site was transferred to their server and I've found them to be completely incompetent... the service has gone down the drain.

    Not only has my site actually disappeared for days at a time, it has been much slower than anything else on the web, and the technical suppor team deny any issue and try to flog me an overpriced 'business' service to make it work!
    The site should work anyway! This is a con. My site is a simple one, but I believe that they have deliberately rigged it to flog their premium rate service.

    Several days ago their server was hacked and my site was taken offline by the hacker. Despite desperately trying to contact, they refuse to respond or even deal with the problem. I haven't heard from their support for days despite trying them daily, meanwhile I'm in danger of losing a lot of important business.

    Don't use, I can't emphasise this enough, they are absolutely dreadful.

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  • Ih
    I Hate Oct 21, 2009

    I just got off the phone with them after the same problem. The billing supervisor called me a liar and told me that I had not canceled my account through their system - claiming that their system doesn't allow cancellation requests. She was demeaning and rude and they charged me for 3 months of post service charges because they have ineffective cancellation communication. has automated billing services that do not synch with their cancellation requests and if you use their service you WILL be screwed.

    WORST HOSTING EXPERIENCE EVER!!! sucks! is terrible, is a ripoff, will steal your money, call you a liar, and treat you like a 2 year old.

    10/2009 - still sucks - don't use their service.

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  • Sy
    System Jan 08, 2010

    they are stupid people and i wonder how are they surviving

    Sooner or later they will be out of business due to their evasive attitude towards solving clients problems

    They simply get you waiting and then close your ticket silently

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  • Th
    thoughts Feb 13, 2010

    I am afraid I have a subscription with them for another year that is already paid; however, I am been charged for registering the domain again which in previous years was included in the package I bought, but based on their words they said it was not included ??? and that it is in the new package they are including it but not in the package I was subscribed.

    Its the same package!

    I do not understand this as it was included in previous years! I am waiting for next week to get the statements from my bank and submit the complaint to BBB. I already registered with other hosting company a different domain and definitely will not make more businesses with again.

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  • Im
    Immortal SoFar Jul 09, 2015
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Paid annually by the company's former owner, we transferred everything from as soon as we took over and told them to close the account. I don't even recall how or why we gave them our card number, probably as part of the transfer process. Well, 2 years later we are billed for another set of hosting without warning. We noticed it and contacted them within 2 days (would have been 1 but they keep strict office hours for their billing) and the best they offered was a "pro-rated" (ie -$10 for 2 days of a service we'd never used) refund. Reported the fraud to the bank instead.

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