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Nemet Motors Complaints & Reviews

Nemet Motors - New York, Jamaica / broad side detection and parking mirrors

Sep 19, 2018

I've had my 2016 kia sorento since 11/11/2015. Since my first accident in 2016 my bsd or my mirrors has not stayed working. Every time I take my truck in for maintenance this is the main things I need fixed. They work while I'm on the lot as soon as I pull off it no longer works. I don't no what to do. This is part of my safety feature. Please help.

Nemet Motors - New York, Jamaica / sales


nemet motors is the best at giving help over the phone...i asked steve questions about the price and contents of the car i wanted to purchase and he came through. all the other dealers gave me crap about asking questions over the phone. i went to see steve and when he showed up he introduced me to jeff at the nissan store and all the questions came true. don't even bother with the other nissan dealers in queens. they made me feel like i was doing them a favor. nemet motors is the best. i now go there for service and jeff always comes from the sales floor to the service dept to make sure i am taken car of.

Nemet Motors - New York, Jamaica / Bad selling practices!


I am compelled to write this to you. I made a complaint to you concerning Nemet Motors and their unscrupulous selling practices and despite my complaint I was not granted the justice I deserve. Nemet Motors tricked and lied to me about the car. When I got home and looked at the price of this used car I was devastated. I took the car back but they refused to take it back. A representative from your bank told me today that WaMu will be debiting my account for this about that Nemet tricked me out of. In light of this unfair justice by Washington Mutual, I will no longer be using your credit card...