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NCO Financial Services Complaints & Reviews

NCO Financial Services / Called 4 times for a collection that has nothing to do with me

Erdo P on Feb 14, 2011

NCO has called my cell phone 4 times regarding a collection that has nothing to do with me. Each time I have asked they remove my number, each time they said they would and obviously they have not. I asked for the address to send a letter, after much argument I was given the address, agent, Pratik, refused to give me the name of the President of the company. I asked to speak to a manager or supervisor, put on hold for a long time, then told manager could not come to the phone, Pratik would not give me the name of the manager.

NCO Financial Services / Robo Calls are incessant and annoying

Jdhughes on Feb 8, 2011

These people are making incessant robocalls, six to eight times a day. We are not a consumer of their products, have stellar credit and no credit balances. In fact we have no debt at all. They also are close to infringing upon my consulting business name, NCOCompServNets, a non-profit consultancy. We are of the opinion they are harassing us needlessly. Each day we tremble at the ringing of the the telephone. We had answered once and told them we did not know who they were seeking, had never heard of them, and would like them to desist from further calls. Under the Fourth Amendment we are...

NCO Financial Services / Accused of not paying what i don't owe!!!


They don't me, my creadability can be proved, most of all looking over your back trying to fix things 10, 20, years ago, things happen were all human to try to ruin some old sick person life for whats pennys to these billion dollar companys is my friend the beginning of the end of america!!im poor, own nothing yet people owe me thousands many years ago, they didn't have it, so be it! win some loose some.we don't need collection companys, if you can't pay it return it, thats why we have police!thats why theres millions of empty homes & millions of people with no homes!this is why america is no longer the greatest country any more!!we can vote them out!!!

NCO Financial Services / Scam


Reported a past due amount that was over 10 years. My name is arnold grolnick. I have done credit repair for 25 federal trade your debt collection practices act. contact attorney general and your senator. I have a very large law suit against the company. don't get mad, get even...Make my day NCO. The profit and loss can't be listed for more then 7 years. Now, go out their and sue, sue, sue. NCO is a scam and scab of the earth. I give free advice. Feel free to call.

NCO Financial Services - New York / Harassing Phone Calls, Wrong Number

I am getting daily phone calls for a person who does not live at this phone number. I cannot get them to stop calling. I have talked with numerous people at this call center, but cannot stop the calls.

NCO Financial Services / My bad experience with them

These people are on the border line of breaking the law! I had a babysitter with my daughter while I went out for a job interview. While I was gone NCO called and asked for me. The babysitter told me that she had my daughter on her hip (screaming) and couldn't hear the lady very well. The lady called her Ms. Smith (me) and she told the lady that she wasn't me that I was on a job interview and wouldn't be home until 3 or so. The lady then said, "Ms. Smith we need to get a payment for this account, you need to send us $38." Again, the babysitter explained the situation. The lady...

NCO Financial Services / Fraud debt collection!


I had an acct that got sent to Asset Acceptance LLC for payment. I recd letters from them. Couple months ago, I recd a letter from NCO Financial Systems stating that they bought out the bill from Asset Acceptance LLC, and they would accept $1,055.63 for the debt.I mailed a check for $1,055.63 check #6136 on 6/26/07 to NCO Financial System and now Asset Acceptance LLC wants that money. We know this by the bill we recd in the mail today. My husband called Asset Acceptance LLC and they stated they never sold our account to anyone. They still expect payment. HELP!!

NCO Financial Services / What a sleazy operation!

Several years ago, I purchased a cell phone for my son with cerebral palsy to have in order for me to have constant access to him, and he to me, during his workday in a sheltered workshop for functionally disabled adults. Beginning two or three years ago, he began receiving calls from this company (NCO) regarding an unpaid bill by someone with a different name who apparently had this phone number at one time. My son is unable to answer the phone immediately when he receives a call due to his physical limitations; he must take several minutes to retrieve the phone from a special pocket on hi...

NCO Financial Services / Suing over paid bills

My husband received a subpoena today (5/8/07) for a June 1st court date with this company. The ironic part of this is that they are taking him to court for a bill that was PAID back on March the 28th. I have the credit card receipt to prove it!!! UNBELIEVABLE!!! I hop they are prepared for a VERY interesting day when I point out to the judge that this date was PAID IN FULL!!

NCO Financial Services / Repeatedly calling my cellphone looking for a wrong person

I had bought a new cell phone and got a new number in Dec 2006. Starting from day1 I have been receiving calls from an unknown number where a automated voice speaks, asking me to call back at a 1-877-803-8009. I came to know this is NCO financial and I promptly called them. They told me they are looking for a person (lets call him "X" ) about a bill he had not paid. I told them that I am not the person they are looking for and that the number they have in their records must be old and incorrect , so kindly remove the number. Despite that complain, I keep getting calls everyday asking me to call...

NCO Financial Services / They continue to call and harass me

NCO Financial Services has been calling me four or five times a month about a school loan that another person with the same name took out. I confirmed that the social security number was not mine on three different occasions, but they continue to call and harass me. I have been unable to access the BBB anymore, because they are all on line now and the people at this “business” refuse to give out any information about the business or even to give their last names. I was told only that the Company is out of Barbados at Harbour Road in St. Michaels. What can be done about such people...