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NC Great Danes Complaints & Reviews

NC Great Danes - North Carolina, Wilson / Not a Complaint but an update

Jan 17, 2013

All Animal Abuse charges have been dismissed against Joe and Cyndi Williams by the Wilson County, NC DA. I understand that NCGDRA has agreed to buy some of the seized dogs from the Williamses for a hefty agreed upon amount in exchange for dropped civil charges by the Williamses. Included in the deal, GDRA was forced to return one of two house pet dogs that belonged to their 10 year old son. I'm told that animal control officials put a loop rope around the two dogs necks and dragged them from the boy's bed--while he lay on the floor kicking and screaming. Now after several months of...

NC Great Danes - North Carolina, Wilson / Great Dane puppies

Dec 29, 2011

I did some research on this breeder Cindy Williams of NC Great Danes after deciding not to purchase a puppy from them. I just did not like the feeilng I got from her. I found out that the Humane Society of the US acquired 6 dogs from them that were in TERRIBLE health. One of them died. Wilson Animal Control determined that none of them were current on their rabies vaccinations! The six sick dogs were taken & given to two seperate Great Dane rescues in NC - Mid Atlantic Great Dane Rescue League and Saving Grace. You may contact both rescues to confirm that this is true. These people are NOT taking care of their dogs. I would NOT buy from these people! Please look elsewhere for a good Great Dane breeder!