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National Publishers Exchange Complaints & Reviews

National Publishers Exchange / Avoid this rip off at all costs

Oct 5, 2012

This is how it all began, I received a phone call asking me if i wanted to save on gas and of course i said who wouldn’t. So this lady went on saying if i join this club (Autodisc and traveldisc) club i would save hundreds on gas. So i decided i would check it out. Well when i got the packet it only let you use 10 cents thats right only 10cents at a time WOW what a savings. So i cancelled them that day, Well low and be hold they didn’t tell you about giving your name to all the magazine companies. I started getting all these magazines i had no use for, So i called them each time i...

National Publishers Exchange / Elderly scam

Mar 24, 2011

My Mother was 86 years of age and passed away the day after Christmas 2010. She had been very ill for several months receiving care from myself and Hospice. She started receiving numerous magazines such as Forbes, Elle, Guns and Ammo, etc. I spent 2 months prior to her death attempting to cancel these unsuccessfully. Each time I called a phone number I was told to contact someone else at a different number and while they may have cancelled one magazine they then started sending a different one like Shape & Fast Company just to name a couple. My Mother would never had been interested in these...

National Publishers Exchange - Georgia, Atlanta 30328 / HORRIBLE JOB DO NOT WORK FOR THIS CO.

Jan 3, 2011

The owner of this company is Steve Wiley! This man is the most disrespectful and unprofessional person I have yet to meet in Atl. Not only did this man hire me to work for his company he refused to pay me once I decided not to work for him. Now he is constantly harassing me on my cell phone with text messaging insults. As a business I find this appalling from an owner who should be scamming people for magazine subscriptions for $1600 for 60 months of Jet!!! Do not work for this company and do not buy anything from this company! This office is this size of my living room and only have 5 telemarketers whom...

National Publishers Exchange - Florida, Largo / Scam on elderly promising contest entry. Last of three entrants with chance to win ten million dollars


Someone called my 90 year old father on the phone, promising him he was one of three people left to win millions of dollars. They subscribed him to five magazines he will never read. He cannot see. I am trying to help by unsubscribing to all of the magazines but am not having much luck. I would like to report this unscrupulous human being but have no employee name. This is a 90 year old man that worked hard all of his life and lives on social security. He will never be able to read these magazines but has very long and unneeded subscriptions to five magazines. How many 90 year old caucasian men...