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Natalie Perez Becerra Complaints & Reviews

Natalie Perez Becerra / Catfish

Jul 11, 2014

Natalie Becerra from 101 W133 ST apt 4C harlem NY steals pictures from other women and misrepresents herself online. Natalie was making LITERALLY hundreds of fake user profiles and stalks and harasses other users. Natalie is a cutter and has suicide cut marks up and down her wrists. Mentally unstable person BEWARE!!! Natalie was saying the shooter at the Batman movie in Aurora Colorado was funny and i could remind her of James Holmes. Natalie also claimed that she wanted me to rape her. I have reported Natalie to the attorney general of the airforce since Natalie recieves a paycheck from a...

Natalie Perez Becerra / Misrepresentation and online sexual harassment

May 17, 2014

Natalie Becerra is misrepresenting herself online and I am reporting this criminal act online. In my experience with the police dept and now the FBI the police dept and military personnel are above the basic laws and basic human conduct of other American citizens. We see at guantanomo bay the united states of america implementing torture techniques with no precaution. With my experience, everytime I have been arrested by thr NYPD i have had my car totalled by the dept. The NYPD raided my apt and attacked me pistil wipped me and told me to stop harassing the United States military. After I...

Natalie Perez Becerra / Online stalker and harassment

Apr 30, 2014

Natalie Becerra recieves a paycheck from the UNITED STATES AIRFORCE. This person is stealing pictures from other women making fake profiles on dating websites harassing and screwing with mens heads. I dont understand how the US federal government allowed this disgusting person to enroll. Natalie is suffering from major mental illness. She is a cutter and needs attention. She goes by several names. NATALIEpb karen animalover13 natalie perez natalie becerra below are a few of her fake profiles. If you can identify one of the stolen pictures please inform the victim of whom identity natalie brcerra is impersonating. This is called MISREPRESENTATION and in NYS it is a Felony Class D