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i recently just FINALLY got to delete my myspace account (since i have no longer had access to my login email for a few yrs now, i wasn't able to do it on my own.)... someone came across the link to my profile on stating i haven't logged in since may of 2008 and it "says" how to delete your account info on there, yet there's no way to do it if it's in vain, and NOW my account is deleted and it's "advice" on taking your profile off of the search engine (which by NO MEANS did i agree to) is to put a remove profile meta tag in your "about me" section... - England, Greater Manchester / Stolen Personal Information and pictures


This website I happend to stumble across only to find my personal OLD myspace information on it. I have contacted the webmaster many many times! and continue to do so several times to delete this profile as it has personal information about myself and my family and my pictures as well and they will not delete it. No one has replyed to my emails requesting that this will be taken care of. I need help trying to delete this information.