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Jul 25, 2015

Website owner (Marty??) supplied a defective chainsaw which upon cursory examination, had an inherent engineering design flaw which had the potential to affect the Health, Safety and Welfare of any operator. It is of concern that the machine was stamped with a CE certification despite this inherent flaw. The website owner has failed to honour agreements and continues to market the machine. / SCAM

Nov 25, 2014

Hi all, Just said I'd chip in here with my 2 cents worth. STAY AWAY from this scammer, his name is Marti Morris, "Marty". He claims to be in Balbriggan, but he is in fact in Dungannon up the North which is surely illegal in itself. Units 1-3 in balbriggan Ind Estate are actually unoccupied and up for letting on various websites. He has various websites and companies registered under his name, including wire stripping, log splitting and waste disposal to name but a few. He has no warehouse, no shop, no brain! He drop ships most of his items from KMSdirect in the UK and charges the...