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My Paralegal Robert Pilkington Complaints & Reviews

My Paralegal Robert Pilkington - Nevada, Pahrump / Rude, Unethical, Ripoff, Lies

Jul 15, 2016

The owner of this business is completely unprofessional and borderline harassing, as well as rude. I came in to contact with Bob Pilkington several years ago in a bar. He was a patron in the bar, my mother bartended. When my Mother got sick, Mr Pilkington prepared paperwork for her final wishes. Part of that, was preparing paperwork for when my step father died, his final Will, etc. When my step father dies a few months ago, I contacted Bob to see what the next step would be. Bob told me, if I paid him 1500 he would be able to help me. As this is an insane amount, I declined his offer and...

My Paralegal Robert Pilkington - Nevada, Pahrump / He's a fraud!


On September 1, 2009, I went into My Paralegal, owned by Robert (Bob) Pilkington in Pahrump, NV, across the street from Wal-Mart. The reason I was there was a friend of mine who had composed a witness statement for my court case had wanted to get two copies of his statement notarized. The ### who owns the business, a RINO, decided to question the document at hand, which, according to two lawyers, a few other paralegals and three attorneys, is illegal and none of his business. He also refused to notarize my friend's statement, saying he doesn't notarize copies. Okay, that's his choice...