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Multi Franchise Nelspruit Complaints & Reviews

Multi Franchise Nelspruit / Bad service and customer is always wrong

Jul 17, 2015

Booked my Clio iv in for 45 000 km service. complained about suspension noise when it is cold and noise in r/f door when closing as they worked in the door before and the noise is there since then. car returned just service done and mirror screws adjusted. noise still there and clearly in the door not on the mirror. as per them no problem with suspension. Next morning took the car back and took a tech for a drive. Tech conclusion shocks. booked the car in a day or 2 later. car there for the day, complained about the door noise again. phoned me just before 5 car must go for shock test. What did...

Multi Franchise Nelspruit / Scheduled Service on maintenance plan

Aug 10, 2011

Contacted the dealer with regards to my Hyundi's 42000 km service that was due in order to make a booking. They transfered me to the workshop and I have been informed that they will contact me back. I have since then not received any calls from the dealer/workshop to confirm my booking for a service. My vechile is now standing on 52 000 km and find their service unacceptable. This is not the first time that the dealership to not provide me with a quality service as expected. During the purchase of my H1 wagon, I battled to obtain my registration papers and number plates from them. After 3...