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Mrs Associates Complaints & Reviews

Mrs Associates - New Jersey, Cherry Hill / False debt collection

Apr 26, 2013

This company is a fraud debt collection agency. They took my identity and flipped it with a cousin's and forced me to be liable for that debt. The most funny thing is. . . I was able to get in touch with the card holder, and the balance had been paid off, yes paid off. . . Nothing they owe. Yet they claim i owe 2000 on that card. . . And its not mine!!! And plus there and two indian men working, (Yes they are from newww jersey!!!) and they came from india. . . Anyways they find people with good credit, flip your identity with your relatives identity, just so they can call you and hara...

Mrs Associates / Too many collection agencies

Mar 27, 2011

I currently have three accounts in collections: two credit cards with whom I am fighting over usurious finance charges and what I consider to be illegal practices, and some medical bills that I am currently dealing with Medicaid about; I say they should have covered them and they seem to think otherwise. The total amount of this debt is pretty small, as debts go: maybe 1, 500 dollars, if that. But in the last six months I have received collection notices from no fewer than SEVEN different companies. Most of them seem to represent one of the credit cards, but the other two accounts appear to have been shuffled around as well.

Mrs Associates - New Jersey / Rude, nasty caller


At 8:15 on Friday, 11/05, I received a call from a woman advising that my Chase account had been sent to her for handling. She stated the company name but I did not understand her. When I asked, she seemed rather put out. I finally got it: MRS Associates. I never heard of it so I wanted to know who she was. I asked if it was a collections company. She proceeded to launch into her spiel & I interupted her. She then told me she was calling from a collections agency. She said it was hard to hear me (I was in bed & not feeling good). Then she said that I did not care and had put this debt on the back...